Men In Nursing

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Gary and I am a nurse.
Now, you ask…. Why is he compelled to tell us that he is a nurse?
Well, we all came to nursing for different reasons but we also all came to nursing for a common reason, to care for our patients.

Many folks don’t see men in nursing the same way that they see women in nursing. They somehow don’t see men as compassionate & caring enough to function as well as the opposite sex as a registered professional nurse. On the contrary, there are alot of very capable men in nursing that will lead to more validity as bonafide members of the professional heathcare team.

So, next time you see a man in nursing be glad that he is there and remember…..
We are all nurses, not “male or female” just nurses with one goal, to give excellent patient care and be advocates for humankind.

Thanks for listening.


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