Searching for the Zinth

Searching for the Zinth
By: Shelby Denton


Charollete- Innocent, confused. Has short brown hair and blue eyes, short., and pretty.Thinks William is a jerk, but then warms up to him. She’s sarcastic a lot.

William- Janets apprentice, very handsome, tallish, brown hair. Bad guy.

Janet- Dark, mysterious, angry. “bad guy” type. Long redish hair, short, pretty.

Act 1

Scene 1
(It is a dark emptyish room, CHAROLLETE is tied to a chair, unconscious, and has a big pearl around her neck. JANET walks into the room with WILLIAM)

JANET- (to WILLIAM) Did she wake up yet?

WILLIAM- No, not yet… are you sure she has it? (Looking over to JANET)

JANET- Yes, she has to! She’s the last one left, it can’t be anywhere else… could it?

WILLIAM- No I suppose she must have it. (walks out of room)

JANET- (laughs quietly) Yes…(walks out of room after WILLIAM and shuts the door behind her.)

(after a few moments CHAROLLETE wakes up.)

CHAROLLETE- Ughh…oouch, what happened? ( she looks up and opens her eyes) …where am I ?! (realizes she’s tied to a chair and tries to break free but can’t, Starts to Panic)

(WILLIAM walks in and shuts the door behind him. Walks over to CHAROLLETE, and kneels down next to the chair.)

WILLIAM- (in a sarcastic tone) Well, hello love. How are you?

CHAROLLETE- (looks over at him, with sarcastic tone) Oh just dandy. What the heck is going on!? Who are you!? (as CHAROLLETE says next line WILLIAM covers her mouth with his hand.) where am I !? (tries to fight his grasp, but can’t, panics even more)

WILLIAM- Goodness we talk to much don’t we. (laughs, then yells out to JANET) HEY! BOSS SHE’S AWAKE! (CHAROLLETE looks up at WILLIAM with big scared eyes and then to the door as it opens and JANET walks through.)

JANET- (in evil tone) Oh hello Charollete. Sorry about the acomidations. But you have something I want, and until I get it. Your staying here. (to WILLIAM) Question her. (leaves the room)

CHAROLLETE- (wiggles free from WILLIAMS hand, and yells toward the door.) I don’t have anything you want! What are you talking about!?

WILLIAM- (slaps her face) Well, according to the boss you do, sooo lets move on…

CHAROLLETE- ( In a painfull tone, interrupts him) Before you Question me, will you untie me? (WILLIAM sighs and unties her) So whats your name? you obviously know mine.

WILLIAM- My name is William. (Finishes untieing her, and she runs to the door but he grabs her by the waist and puts her back in the chair.) Where do you think your going, sit. ok so now that your seated lets begin. Number one, do you have the Zinth?

CHAROLLETE- (confused and with fear in her voice) Uhm, what the heck is that?

WILLIAM- It’s the key, the key to what we want.

CHAROLLETE- (in a sarcastic tone) Do you even know what it looks like? Because thhhattt might help you.

WILLIAM- (gives her a dirty look) No we don’t know what it looks like…

CHAROLLETE- (still in a sarcastic tone) Well then how do you know if I have it or not? I could be lying to you… (realizing what she said) not saying I am.

WILLIAM- (moves toward her hastily) well that’s why I ask! You better not be lying. (grabs her hair)There are punishments.(lets go of her hair) Ok, so you don’t know what the Zinth is?

CHAROLLETE- (rubbing her head where WILLIAM grabbed her hair, in an angry tone) No I don’t, sorry.

WILLIAM- Ok, soo that’s not good.

CHAROLLETE- (sarcasticly) Nope.

WILLIAM- Yeah, ok, I got it! Don’t rub it in. (CHAROLLETE giggles at his anger) Don’t laugh! This is serious! We have to find this key in 3 days!

CHAROLLETE- (stands up, but WILLIAM gives her an angry face so she sits back down.) Why is this key thing so important to you guys? What does is do?

WILLIAM- It’s so (mocking tone) Important because it controls our universe, our time.

CHAROLLETE- Whoa, that’s nifty. (considerably happy tone because she thinks she will be let go)So since I don’t have it, can I leave?

WILLIAM- No, you must have it somewhere, you might not know it, but you got it sister. Boss says only you can have it now.

(WILLIAM gets up, walks to the door, turns around, looks at CHAROLLETE and walks out.)

CHAROLLETE- (angry, confused, and freaked out tries to grab the door before WILLIAM shuts it but misses it and bangs on the door) LET ME OUT! (goes back and stands by the chair) oookay… so I have it, but I don’t know I do? Well it could be anything then! (Plops down in chair) Uggh, this isn’t fair. I didn’t do anything.

(fades to black.)

Scene 2

(next day, CHAROLLETE is sleeping on the floor, WILLIAM walks in with food and puts it on the floor with a loud clank which wakes CHAROLLETE up in shock.)

CHAROLLETE- (sits up, looks at the food and then looks at WILLIAM and then speaks) Thanks. (starts to eat the food)

WILLIAM- (disregards the thanks and walks to the door before opening it turns and speaks) Hurry up, the Boss will be in soon to talk to you. (walks out)

CHAROLLETE- (sighs) stupid Zinth thing. I don’t know what it looks like, I don’t know what it does. How am I suppose to find it! Ughh (looks down at the food) this stuff is Gross… what is this! (laughs at herself being disgusted as Janet walks in she stops laughing and sets her food down on the tray.)

JANET- (looks at CHAROLLETE with disgust) So since you wouldn’t talk to William, maybe you’ll talk to me. (grabs her arm and pushes her into the wall, CHAROLLETE tries to fight back but JANET is to strong.) So where is it!? Wheres the Zinth?

(CHAROLLETE kicks JANET in the shin, while JANET Bends down to grasp her shin, CHAROLLETE pushes her over with her foot and JANET falls into the tray of food and cuts her face on the tray. CHAROLLETE tries to run for the door which is Opened just a crack but JANET grabs her ankle and CHAROLLETE falls to the ground. While CHAROLLETE is on the ground JANET gets up and kicks CHAROLLETE on the side of her torso 3 times, wipes some blood from her face and walks out closing the door in a loud bang leaving CHAROLLETE laying on the floor in pain. CHAROLLETE lays on the floor for a long time until WILLIAM walks in.)

WILLIAM- (Closes the door quietly after entering the room and kneels down next to CHAROLLETE) Dang Janet beat you bad. What the heck happened?

CHAROLLETE- (holding her side in pain manages to say) Girl fight… she pushed me up against the wall so I kicked her and she tripped me and then I got kicked…(she runs off quietly)

(WILLIAM Picks her up and sets her in the chair lightly)

WILLIAM- Well that will teach you never to kick her. (laughs quietly) Here let me look at it. (lifts up her dress to see some big bruises, and pulls the dress back down.) Well there’s Definitely some big ass bruises on your side, but I think you should be ok.

CHAROLLETE- (looks up at him) Thanks.

(WILLIAM leaves the room quietly just like he entered, CHAROLLETE is Still slouched over in the chair holding her side in pain)

(fades black)

Scene 3

(We see in a different room that JANET and WILLIAM are eating dinner, this will be the only other room you see. They are sitting there quietly, you see JANET has a cut on her face from the tray a few hours back and WILLIAM starts to talk.)

WILLIAM- (looks up from his food) why do you dislike her so much Janet?

JANET- (puts her food down on the plate) Her people, have disgraced us, banished us, left is for dead. We dislike them because they took our Zinth from us, they took it and rubbed it in our faces. But not this time, this time im taking it back and I will win this war they brought upon themselves.

WILLIAM- Just because her people did that to you doesn’t mean she wanted it to happen. She obviously didn’t know anything about it until you brought her here.

JANET- Getting all soft are we, just because some girl happens to have the Zinth and she’s pretty. (laughs) I thought better of you, guess I was wrong William. (Starts to eat again)

WILLIAM- I’m not getting soft! I’m not! I want the Zinth as much as you do, …I just don’t think you should have gotten in a brawl with her because of what her people did to your people a long time ago.

JANET- (sighs) Just because is was a long time ago doesn’t mean it still hurts or, its not still effective. (Starts to get passionate and angry) I’m not the only one that wants the Zinth William. If I find it we can all rule the world, we can be so powerful! Don’t you want that William, don’t you want Power? (looks over at WILLIAM)

WILLIAM- (unsure) Yes, I guess I would love power. (Gets up) Excuse me. (Leaves the room.)

(WILLIAM goes to the door of the room that CHAROLLETE is in and opens it a little. Only to see CHAROLLETE asleep in the chair in an uncomfortable position. WILLIAM walks into the room, Picks CHAROLLETE up off the chair and lays her on the floor. He walks out of the room and shuts the door. WILLIAM walks back into the room where JANET and him were eating to see that she is no longer in there and just his plate of food is on the table.)

WILLIAM- (Sits down at the table in front of his food and begins to eat, and says to himself.) Ugh what am I gonna do! I’m becoming soft! (throws his head into his hands.)

(Fades black)

Act 2

Scene 1
(3rd day. CHAROLLETE is sleeping on the floor again, WILLIAM walks in with some food and sits on the floor in front of where CHAROLLETE is sleeping)

WILLIAM- (Looks sweetly at CHAROLLETE, and says to himself) How could you of done anything Janet said. You’re do innocent and small. (brushes hair out of her face, then starts to eat, waiting for her to wake up.)

(after a few moments CHAROLLETE wakes up.)

CHAROLLETE- (yawns) wow, that floor is still really hard. (looks up at WILLIAM, then down at the food) oooo food! (grabs some food and eats it.)

(WILLIAM and CHAROLLETE look around while eating, there eyes meet, but CHAROLLETE looks down at her food, starts to talk)

CHAROLLETE- Soooo, how did you sleep?

WILLIAM- Oh pretty good, Sorry you had to sleep on the floor again last night.…(remembering he laid her there)

CHAROLLETE- Oh, its ok. (smiles)

(JANET walks in the room and looks at the two eating.)

JANET- Oh that’s cute, ok you’re done. (they look up at her, WILLIAM takes the food and walks out, waving to CHAROLLETE once behind JANET and then walks out.) He’s nice isn’t he?

CHAROLLETE- yeah, I guess….(smiles)

JANET- (laughs) Don’t even think about it, he’s not your type..believe me, it wouldn’t work out… sorry babe. (CHAROLLETE stops smiling and looks down) look at me, look at me! (Grabs CHAROLLETES face and moves it so she’s looking at her) Where is it! I know you have it! You MUST have the Zinth!

CHAROLLETE- (fighting JANETS grip on her face) I don’t have it! I already told you yesterday! I didin’t even know what it was until two days ago!!

JANET- (lets go of her face) Fine, I’ll be back, and when I do come back, you better have it. (walks out of the room in a huff.)

(series of shots where CHAROLLETE is doing different things as time goes by)

CHAROLLETE- (thinks to self) Gosh, what could it be? (sighs and jiggles the door knob to see if it’s still locked, it is. So she walks back to the wall and slides down to sit.)

(All of the sudden the pearl on CHAROLLETES necklace starts to glow, she realizes and gasps, covers it with her hands and smiles because she’s found the Zinth.)

CHAROLLETE- Ha! Yes, finally, but ive had this necklace since… as long as I can remember! How come it’s just now glowing? (hears the door knob jiggle and stuffs the pearl into her Dress top)

(WILLIAM walks in)

WILLIAM- Hey…(sits down In front of CHAROLLETE and says in a confused tone) Soo I was gonna come in here and keep you company but, (looks at the glowing part of her dress) I see you might be doing something.

CHAROLLETE- (Innocently) What? I’m not doing anything….(looks down at the glowing part of her dress top, then back up at WILLIAM. And smiles)

WILLIAM- Well, then why is your top glowing? (laughs)

CHAROLLETE- Oh, ha, that’s nothing…(WILLIAM gives her an unconvinced look) Ok ok, here I’ll show you, but don’t say anything… Please. (pulls the necklace from her top and shows him)

WILLIAM- Whoa… that’s cool… what is it? (looks at the pearl then CHAROLLETE)

CHAROLLETE- (laughs) I think it’s the, Zinth. Don’t tell … youre Boss girl, I know you have to and junk but don’t. (Grabs WILLIAMS hand, he looks at his hand then CHAROLLETE) I don’t want this to be used for bad.

WILLIAM- Ugh, I won’t tell her, I don’t want it used for bad either, but what are we gonna do then? She wants it by tomorrow.

CHAROLLETE- Thank you. (smiles) I don’t know. I mean she knows I have it, so it’s not like I can say I do now.

WILLIAM- (realizing they are still holding hands, he gets up and walks to the door, turns around before opening it and talks) I’ll think of something. Don’t worry. (walks out)

(fades black)

Scene 2

(4th and last day. You see CHAROLLETE now tied to the chair again, and JANET is pacing back and forth in front of CHAROLLETE in the chair. WILLIAM is quietly standing by the door behind where JANET is pacing. JANET stops in front of CHAROLLETE and starts to talk)

JANET- (crouching down to get to CHAROLLETES level) So I told you I’d be back, and now that I am, where is the Zinth?!

CHAROLLETE- I don’t have it. (Sarcastically) I told you… how many times now?

JANET- (slaps CHAROLLETE across the face) Oh shut up, I know you have it. You might as well just tell me where it is.

WILLIAM- (moves slightly toward JANET and CHAROLLETE) Janet! You don’t have to hurt her!

JANET- (slightly turns her head to look at WILLIAM) Shut up lover boy. I’ll hurt her if I want.

(WILLIAM gets angry and leaves the room shutting the door with a bang)

CHAROLLETE- (Still in pain from the slap) I DON’T HAVE IT! BITCH!

JANET- (stands up) Excuse me? What did you call me? (Kicks CHAROLLETE across the face)

CHAROLLETE- (screams from the kick and yells) I SAID BITCH!

(WILLIAM runs into the room after hearing the scream and sees CHAROLLETE with blood on her face and JANET going back to kick her again.)

WILLIAM- (runs slightly toward JANET) NOO DON’T! STOP IT JANET!

JANET- (turns around and kicks WILLIAM in the leg so that he falls over) SHUT UP WILLIAM! WE HAVE TO GET THE ZINTH TODAY! AND IM NOT WAITING! (turns back to CHAROLLETE) Where were we… ohh yess (Kicks her in the face again.)

CHAROLLETE- (Screams again from the kick, looks up slowly at JANET) so your name is Janet… my sisters name was Janet… but she died 6 years ago…(Winces in pain as her face bleeds more)

(WILLIAM gets up slowly as he hears what CHAROLLETE is saying and manages to stand up behind JANET)

WILLIAM- (Gives JANET a Dirty look) Is that why you hate her Janet… because she’s your sister…

JANET- (turns to WILLIAM) She left me to die!! Of course I hate her! (CHAROLLETE looks up at JANET with Surprise) We were walking across the field with our parents trying to escape from the raid, but they spotted us and started shooting… I got shot, in what they thought was my heart, but it was right above it. (looks over at CHAROLLETE) They figured I was gonna die anyways so they left me there. Then I was found by some people who took me here and took care of me.

CHAROLLETE- (keeps looking at JANET) Janet! We left you there because you were bleeding so much we didn’t want to risk carrying you to only have more blood come out of you. How could you do this! You know Mom and Dad have missed you ever since that day! I have too, until now. I see what you’ve become and it’s disgusting. Untie me… I’ll give you the Zinth, I promise I wont run. (looks over at WILLIAM)

WILLIAM- (looks over at CHAROLLETE) Charollete no! you can’t! (gives her a horrified look and leaves the room)


CHAROLLETE- (Stands up and sighs, reaches up to her necklace and pulls it off over he head.) here… Mom gave it to me after you, well supposedly died.

JANET- (Laughs and grabs the Necklace from CHAROLLETE) They had it the whole time. Wow I guess I missed that. (turns around and walks out of the room shutting the door behind her)

CHAROLLETE- (rubs her face where it was kicked and wipes the blood off. Turns around and sits in the chair and sighs) God what have I done… (puts her head into her hands) I hope William comes back in here. I have to tell him my plan…

(WILLIAM walks into the room a few minutes later. He walks to CHAROLLETE and sits in front of her in the chair.)

WILLIAM- Why did you give that to her? How could you do that?

CHAROLLETE- (head still in hands) I gave it to her, because I have a plan on how to get it back…

WILLIAM- (Grabs CHAROLLETES hands from her face and holds them) I knew you had of had a plan! I knew it!… what is it?

CHAROLLETE- (Laughs at WILLIAMS happiness) Ha well..(leans down and starts to talk quietly to WILLIAM)

(Fades black)

Scene 3

(It is only a few hours after CHAROLLETE gave the Zinth to JANET. You see CHAROLLETE sitting on the floor, and WILLIAM walks in with some food for dinner. He sits down in front of her with the tray and Smiles.)

WILLIAM- (Quietly to CHAROLLETE) I hope this works…

CHAROLLETE- (Quietly back to him) It will don’t worry. (Smiles)

(They both start to eat, but unlike the other times JANET does not come in to check because she has the Zinth and is preoccupied with it. They finish eating and they both stand up leaving the try on the ground)

WILLIAM- (looks to CHAROLLETE) Alright… here we go. (CHAROLLETE Smiles at him and they walk to the door. WILLIAM opens the door and they both Sneak out Closing it behind them quietly. They turn the corner and walk to a door that is closed. He Whispers to CHAROLLETE) It’s here. (points to the door) Janet went to go have dinner.

CHAROLLETE- (nods) ok. Lets go.

(WILLIAM opens the door and they both walk in and shut the door quietly behind them. You see a big room with some furniture and a big table with the Zinth laying on it. CHAROLLETE starts to walk over to the table but WILLIAM grabs her by the arm and pulls her back to him.)

WILLIAM- (says quietly to CHAROLLETE) No don’t go over there there’s lasers on the floor. We have to climb this latter. (points toward a latter that leads to the ceiling. It goes across the ceiling over the table and across the room.) Were gonna have to climb over to it on the ceiling and jump down.
CHAROLLETE- (looks up to the ceiling and follows the latter to over the table and then looks down.) Wow… that’s intense… how are we not gonna make any noise when we land on the table?

WILLIAM- It’s not that far from the ceiling, there quite low in there. (smiles)

(WILLIAM starts to climb the latter and CHAROLLETE follows him. They get to the ceiling and start to crawl across the top of the latter until they get to right above the table.)

CHAROLLETE- (Whispers to WILLIAM) Wow it isn’t that high. (giggles)

(WILLIAM drops down onto the table quieter then expected, then CHAROLLETE drops down to the table, but as she is you see JANET Comes through the door and looks up to see them standing on the table.)

JANET- (Starts to run toward them.) WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

CHAROLLETE- (finishes getting on to the table only to look up and see JANET running toward them) well I guess the lasers weren’t on. (looks over at WILLIAM and gives him a silly look)

WILLIAM- (reaches down to grab the Zinth off the table and hands it to CHAROLLETE who puts it around her neck) Ok so I say we RUN!

CHAROLLETE- (says as her and WILLIAM jump off the table and run toward the window) AGREED!

(you hear beeping as WILLIAM and CHAROLLETE run toward the window. They turn around to see where the beeping sound is coming from, it is the table it had a bomb on it and its counting down to explode)

WILLIAM- (looks at the beeping table then back to CHAROLLETE) Crap bomb table! Lets jump! (looks our the window)

CHAROLLETE- (looks at the window, then WILLIAM, then JANET who is still run toward them) What about Janet! She’s still my sister William!

WILLIAM- (looks confused at CHAROLLETE) Charollete! We don’t have time! Remember she’s the bad guy! Come on!

CHAROLLETE- (Turns toward JANET and yells) Love you! (turns and jumps out the window with WILLIAM, they both Scream because they didn’t realized how high they were but there is a large body of water under them.) OH MY GOD WERE GONNA DIE!

(JANET gets to the window, but turns to hear a loud beep followed by an incredibly loud boom of the bomb. WILLIAM and CHAROLLETE get to the shore as the bomb goes off and jump in shock of the loudness. WILLIAM grabs CHAROLLETE and holds her to protect her from any falling objects. After a few moments they let go of each other and look up to see the building on fire. JANET was in the building.)

CHAROLLETE- (looks up at WILLIAM) Wow… that was crazy! (reaches down to see if the Zinth is still around her neck and to her surprise it is.) oh gosh, good I thought maybe it would have fallen off when we hit the water.

WILLIAM- (laughs at CHAROLLETES panicing about the Zinth) ha don’t worry its there, we are safe, and Janet… well… Janet is dead… which is a good thing considering she was bad… but a bad thing considering she was your sister… I’m sorry by the way. (looks at her)

CHAROLLETE- (sighs) I don’t know how she could have turned bad, she was such a good kid, who ever found her was a horribly evil person.

WILLIAM- Yeah, but that’s all behind us… (Says in silly manor) Wanna make out? (laughs)

CHAROLLETE- (laughs quite loud at the question) how about a kiss. (laughs more)

(William kisses Charollete)

WILLIAM- (stands up) Lets get out of here…(helps CHAROLLETE up)

CHAROLLETE- (says firmly) Agreed.

(WILLIAM and CHAROLLETE walk down the beach)

(Fades out)


(Fades back in)

(Shows the building on fire. JANET gets up from the beach slowly, you see she has cuts all over her face and arms, she stands ands watches WILLIAM and CHAROLLETE as they walk down the beach)

JANET- (evil laugh, then says to her self) I’ll get you. You just wait.

(JANET walks into the other direction of WILLIAM and CHAROLLETE)

(Fades out)

(screen says “to be continued.. or not?”


Searching for the Zinth

Shelby Denton

Joined December 2007

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This is a Script a wrote for a video im hoping to shoot over the summer
sorry the actions arn’t in italics red bubble changed it when i pasted it
hope you like it
feed back :)

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