Love Story Part 2

Bunny could not believe that her wish had actually worked. She thought that surely her wish power could not have been powerful enough to take James’s betting power. To her great joy, it seemed to have done just that. As she stood in front of James she said, “May I help you sir?”James replied, “I will take a coke. Thank you.”It was like the previous that James and Bunny had, had together had never happened. James was in Bunny’s area just as he was months ago. Bunny had all the feelings for James that she had before her wish. She just hoped that James still had his feelings for her. She could only wait and see how things would turn out.Bunny went back to James with his coke and asked him, “Will there be anything else sir?”James looked around the restaurant and then looked at Bunny and said, “Is this place always so slow?”Bunny had to take a step back. Those were the exact words James had said the real first time they had meet. Did James remember what happened or was this just a part of the replay she had started when she wished for time to start over from the time they had first meet? Bunny still had her feelings for James but she also had to keep in mind the way James took the lives of the people he bet with without even a second thought. What would or could James do to her if he remembered? Did James have a power she did not know about? Bunny decided to contact the wish police to let them know what was going on in case something did happen to her.The wish police had the power to intervene in a wish if someone is being hurt due to the wish. Bunny did not hurt James with her wish but if he remembered what had happened she could get hurt by him due to her wish. The wish police can reverse a wish if they feel it necessary to do so for the good of all involved. They also have the power to pass judgment on those who have made the wish if they feel they have harmed the ones involved with the wish.Bunny and James had a very nice night. Bunny was able to give James her full attention because after all he had bought her entire section for the whole night. Bunny just could not keep one question out of her mind. Was her wish power really strong enough to make it possible to start over with James?James had walked into the restaurant at 8pm that night and it was now 2am. James and Bunny had spent the last 8 hours together. The restaurant was now closing and James turned to Bunny and said, “Can I see you again?”Bunny thought for a moment and said, “I go running at the Hologym at 2pm every day. Would you like to meet me there?”The next day when they were to meet at 2pm Bunny arrived at the Hologym at 12:00. When you go to a Hologym you must set up the program so the computer knows were you want to work out at and how many people want to work out with you. A Hologym is a gym like the ones we know of today you get the same workout you would in a regular gym except with one difference. When you work out in a Hologym you are in virtual reality. The building you are in may be in Alaska but you can set the program at the gym to seem like you are working out in Florida.

The one very important thing that a person has to keep in mind when they are at a Hologym. If you get hurt in a program at the Hologym you will really be hurt.
Bunny was very nervous about her date with James she wanted to get the program just right at the Hologym. She set it up so they would be having a run on a beach at sunset. Bunny knew James liked sunsets at least he did the first time they went out.
The time came for James to arrive and Bunny went to the front of the Hologym to meet him. When he got out of his car, he was in shorts and a muscle shirt. When Bunny saw the way James was dressed her heart just jumped because she thought he looked so good. The two love birds walked hand in hand into the gym. Bunny was so sure that James loved her as much as she loved him.
Bunny and James got their Hologear on and began their run. Bunny was having a nice time on their run until suddenly a car came out of no were and came straight for her. Bunny dove out of the way of the car and as she hit the floor that broke the connection with the Hologym’s computer. Bunny looked up from the floor and noticed two very strange things. First, the car that almost hit her in the program was the same car that had hit her in real life. The second thing and most important thing she looked up and saw James still enjoying his run as if nothing had happened. Bunny walked up to James and tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. James jumped from fright as if he did not know were the tap came from.
James broke his connection with the computer so he could figure out who had tapped him. When he seen it was Bunny he looked confused and said, “How could you be in the program with me and out here too?”
Bunny was even more confused now. Was James telling the truth? Did he honestly not see what happened? Did James have something to do with what happened? Bunny decided to go to the manager of the Hologym and have the program checked. The manager played back the tape of the section James and Bunny had together. When it was played back, it showed them running together on the beach as Bunny had set it up. Then it showed Bunny for seemingly no reason jump off the platform onto the floor. The program did not show the car that Bunny that she had seen. What had Bunny seen? Was it all in her head, or did James have something to do with what had happened?
The next day Bunny and James were talking about what had happened. James suggested that Bunny was just stressed out and that is why she saw what she did. Bunny did not believe what James had said but she did not know what had happened. Bunny still had her feelings for James but she was beginning to wonder if he loved her as much as she loved him.
Bunny decided to consult with the professors at the local college that specialized in helping people deal with their powers. She told the professors what had happened and they were puzzled as to how James could have done that. Then one day Bunny spoke to a professor by the name of Scott and he said that James could have done that using a power that very few people have and even fewer know how to use. Scott also warned Bunny that the people he have seen that had this power ended up dieing because they did not know how to use it properly. Also
the doctor told Bunny that the power to control a computer with only your mind has been know to drive the user in to a sort of split personality because the user can not deal with the power. James may be using his power on Bunny to get back at her for what she has done to him and he may not even know he is doing it. Bunny began to get very nervous for James. She did not want him to die because he did not know how to use his power.
Bunny began to try to spend as much time as she could with James. Each time it seemed like they were having a good time together James would get a strange look on his face and tell Bunny he had business to take care of then he would leave. She tried to go with him but he would refuse. Bunny was very worried about James was he using his power to hurt people and not even know he did? Was he knowingly using his power to gain more money out of pure greed? She was at a loss to know what to do.
One day an old man came into the restaurant were Bunny worked and requested to be set in her section. The staff at the front door considered turning him away because he had a very long white beard and was very shabbily dressed. He looked like he did not have a penny to his name and after all the restaurant Bunny worked at had menu items that started at $30.00 and went up from there. They called Bunny to the front and asked her if she knew this man. She did not know her visitor but something told her he was all right so she took him to one of her tables. Bunny seated the old gentleman and her first words to him were, “I feel like I know you but I do not know from were.”
The old gentleman smiled and said, “No you would not remember because the last time I saw you was when you had just got hit by a car and James was kneeling beside you crying.”
After hearing, what the old gentleman had to say Bunny was shocked. How could any one remember her being hit by a car? Bunny had rewound time so that accident never happened. James did not even remember what had happened. Bunny was very curious to know how this shabby old gentleman would know this and no one else but herself did. Bunny asked the old gentleman what his name was and how did he know she had gotten hit by a car.
The old gentleman responded, “My name is not important but if you need to call me something you can call me Gabriele. The answer to your second question is I know a car hit you because I was there. You do not remember it but James gave up a lot to save you including his life. The thing I am afraid of is when you brought James back with your wish was it really the James you loved or was it some one else? I have been tracking a creature called a Hitchhiker. This creature come to this world on the back of a soul that has crossed over then it was brought back by a wish. This creature is especially powerful if the soul that was bought back has some unfinished business.
The Hitchhiker is able to take any negative feelings its host might have and magnify them 100 fold. The more the Hitchhiker can magnify negative feelings in its host the stronger it gets. The only way to make the Hitchhiker leave its host is
to make the host feel positive feelings just as strong as the Hitchhiker is making the negative feelings. If can make James feel the love for you he had that day he gave up his life for you the Hitchhiker will be gone. The Hitchhiker has been known to kill its host because of the things its host does due to the feelings the creature creates in its host. Its has even been know to make its host kill the one it loves the most due to the feelings it creates in its host.
When Gabriel finished telling Bunny about the Hitchhiker, she responded by saying, “How do you suggest I make James feel the love for me he had that day he gave his life for mine? Please help me I will do anything to save him. I truly believe James loves me to much to hurt me.”
Gabriel was very pleased to see that James had chosen a woman that loved him as much as he loved her. He proceeded to explain to Bunny how he would give her the power to increase James’s love for her enough to make the Hitchhiker leave him. There was only one problem. If Bunny were going to use this power on James, she would have to lay her hand on his heart. The creature would know this and it would do everything in its power to stop her including making James hate Bunny so much he may try to kill her.
The next day was Saturday and Bunny and James had had a date to meet at the Hologym for a friendly wrestling match. Bunny thought to herself how this would be the perfect way to touch James’s heart. Bunny went to the Hologym to set up the program for their match to take place in James’s home town of Brown County, which was at one time a place of trees, green fields, and wide-open spaces.
Now sadly the only way James can see the place of his youth is through programs. His childhood hometown has long disappeared due to plant conditions. Bunny chose the setting to be a clearing close to his childhood home. She hoped that the location would put him in a good frame of mind so she could easily touch his heart.
James arrived at the Hologym right on time as expected. Bunny took James into the Holoroom were she had set up for them to have their match. They both got into their gear for the Holomatch and Bunny spoke the words, “Begin program.” This was intended for the computer to know they were ready.
When the program began, James saw that Bunny had chosen Brown County as the setting and he said, “Why did you choose my home town? You know how much I miss it.”
Bunny responded by saying, “I thought you would like my choose. This will give you a chance to relive old times.”
James just looked at her with a look she had never seen him have and he said, “What do you mean old times? I hated the place. I just told you those stories because I knew that is what you wanted to hear.”
Bunny thought to her self, “Oh no now I did not want to hear that. The Hitchhiker must be making him say that. I have got to touch his heart soon before there is nothing left of the James I know.”
Bunny spoke aloud to James and said,” Forget about my bad chose of settings and lets have our match. I want to kick you but.”
Bunny knew that James would accept that as a challenge and he could not resist a challenge. They began their match and at first, it seemed friendly enough. Then slowly James’s holds on Bunny became tougher and tougher to get out of. The holds to Bunny seemed like James was trying to hurt her but she was still able to get free from him. Bunny also noticed that James’s look on his face started to change. It changed from the happy face Bunny had known to a face filled with anger. A face Bunny was beginning to be afraid of. Bunny knew that she needed to touch his heart before he got to carried away and truly hurt her. On Bunny’s next move, she made a reach for James’s heart. As soon as she did, James grabbed her hand and nearly broke it. James looked into Bunny’s eyes and said,” I know you have been talking to Gabriel. I know he told you I am a Hitchhiker. What more did he tell you about me? Gabriel also must have told you I will never let you drive me from this host. You will have to kill my host to get me to leave it!”
When Bunny heard what James said she knew time was almost up. If she did not touch his heart, soon the Hitchhiker would have total control of him and he would soon die due to its control of him. She wondered if he knew of her plan to touch his heart. Bunny decided to try to play it off and hope he did not know what she was trying to do. She said to James, “Yes I have spoke to Gabriel and he told me who you were. He also told me of you plan to use James until he dies. That is all he told me.”
James responded to Bunny by saying, “I know he told you more then that! You will tell me what he said if you want to live or you will watch your beloved James kill you!”
After James spoke, she grabbed Bunny and put her in a chokehold. Bunny tried to free herself from his hold but she could not. She felt herself starting to slip away and she resigned herself to the fact she was going to die. Just as Bunny thought, it was the end she felt the hold loosen slightly. Was there still a little of James left and was he trying to help her? Just as she felt the hold loosen, she saw Gabriel. He said to her, “Bunny do not give up. James is trying to help you. Now is your chance to touch his heart. Just reach your hand around behind you and touch his heart. If you can do that he will be free of the Hitchhiker.”
Bunny took the last bit of strength she had and reached behind her back and touch James’s heart. As soon as she was able to touch him, there was a crack of thunder and they were thrown apart. Bunny looked at James’s motionless body across the room and she wondered was she too late? Had the Hitchhiker killed him? Then she saw a dark shadow like figure rise up from him. It hovered over him for a moment then it slowly sank into the ground. Then Gabriel appeared and told Bunny, “Go to him he needs you now. James is gone but you can bring him back with your love for him.”
Bunny ran to James and held him in her arms. James did not move. Bunny began to cry and her tears landed on his check. Just as it did he opened his eyes and said, “The Hitchhiker is gone and I would be too if you had not pulled me back with your love.”

Love Story Part 2


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