Love Story

Picture for me a world so far advanced that what ever you wanted came to you, all you had to do was wish for it. This is a world with no crime, no theft, no rape, no murder, and no violence of any kind because if you hurt another person with your deed that deed is returned to you one hundred fold. The world has gotten to the point were people have become very bored with their lives because they can have anything they can dream up by wishing for it.
One-day two friends were having a conversation. They were asking each other what you would do if this happened. One of the friends came up with a question and said, “What if we could bet with something more then money? What if we can bet with years of our life?”
The first question you might ask as the reader, “What is the point of betting if you can have anything you want by wishing for it?”
The answer to that would be that the government has put a limit on the peoples wishing, by using wish cops. Wish cops are people whose wishing ability is so advanced they can control other people’s wishes. Wish cops are also responsible for issuing the punishment on those whose wishes in some way hurt another person.
One day two friends by the name of James and Will were talking and James said to Will, “I will bet you a week of my life that you can not tell me who the next caller will be."

Will though for a moment and then said, “If I am wrong I guess you get a week of my life is that right?”James answered, “Yes, are you willing to bet a week of your life on the next caller? If you are give me your answer who will it be.”Will replied to James, “The next caller will be Thomas.”The next caller was not Thomas so James got a week of Will’s life. I know what you are thinking a week what is a week. Weeks add up to months and months add up to years. How many months can you afford to loose? As time went on their bets got bigger and bigger until James finally said to Will, “This will be our last bet, if I win you will die if you win I will die do you want to place the ultimate bet?”Will said, “We all have to go sometime what is your bet? This betting competition has gone on long enough.”James said, “This will be a bet on a flip of a coin, if it is heads I win, if it is tails you win. Are you ready for me to flip the coin?”Will shook his head yes in reply to James’s question. James flipped the coin and it was heads he had won the bet. Will looked at the coin and then he looked at James with a look on his face like O.K. you won. James raised his hand and slowly waved goodbye to Will as he slowly disappeared.When James and Will first got into this betting competition, they were both fully aware of its possible outcome but they kept betting. For that reason, the wish police could do nothing. They only have the power to intervene if someone is being hurt with out there participation due to a wish. James was not using his wish power. James was sad to see his friend go but he did not feel guilty about taking his life because he was willing.Please let me remind you the world has gotten to the point that not much really means anything because they can have anything they want, not even a human life. The one thing that has any value is love and a person cannot wish for love to happen. Either it happens or it doesn’t.James had been betting for so long, betting was all he knew. James was betting with every one and anyone he could get to bet with him. If they did not want his life he would offer them money for pieces of there life if he lost the bet. James lost a few bets but he always won when it came down to the final life bet. James took life after life with his betting along with his victim’s life he took their wealth when they died. James seemed to have it all he was very wealthy and with the pieces of his victim’s lives that he had taken, he had a VERY LONG life ahead of him. James had one problem there was one thing he could not have but he would have given anything to have, James did not have love.One day James was working on another bet. It was with Tom and the bet was who would walk through the door next a male or a female. The next person to walk through the door was a girl named Bunny. When James saw Bunny, it was love at first sight. James even forgot to collect his time from Tom that he had won in the bet. All he could think about was Bunny.James had gotten so use to getting what ever he wanted all he knew was he wanted Bunny and he was going to have her. Bunny was a poor girl that worked in the restaurant where James and Tom were at, at the time of their bet. He could think of nothing but Bunny, not even about working on his betting. He returned to that same restaurant night after night in hopes to see Bunny again. He soon found out that she was a server at the restaurant and exactly when she worked and the area of the restaurant she was responsible to cover. One night James went to the restaurant and spoke to the manager he asked the manager how much it would take to buy out Bunny’s entire section so the only customer she would have to wait on would be him. The manager answered James, “I guess $50,000 would do this is a very popular restaurant and Bunny brings me a lot of customers.”James gave the manager what he asked but told him not to tell Bunny what he had done. James arrived at the restaurant at 8pm and it did not close until 2am so James knew he would have six hours of Bunny’s complete attention because after all he would be the only one in her section she had to wait on the entire night. Bunny walked up to his table and said, “May I take your order sir?”James at first thought about saying, “I’ll take you!” but he did not want to sound so forward to Bunny, so he just said, “I’ll start out with a coke and is this restaurant always so slow?"Bunny responded, “Normally my area is packed just like the rest of the place is. I do not know what is going on. Why I am not getting any customers.”Bunny went back to get James his coke. Since Bunny’s section was right by the door and it was usually the first section were the customers were set she could not understand why the rest of the place was full and her section was empty except for James. Bunny’s path to the fountain took her right by the setting chart for the place and she noticed her section was crossed out. Seeing that she really wondered what was going on. Bunny went to the manager and asked him what was going on, why was her area crossed out?The manager did not know what to say since James had told him not to say anything. He finally decided to tell Bunny James had paid him $50,000 to have her entire section for the night. He also told her not to say anything to James because he did not want James to know what he had done. Bunny did not know what to say after hearing this. She was very flattered but then she thought what does this person want? She took James his coke and she did what she was asked by her manager and did not say anything about what he had done. James and Bunny had a very nice night talking and laughing all night long. As the night came to a close James asked Bunny if he could see her again. Bunny thought to her self-James seems to be a good person and she rather liked him so she made a date with him.James and Bunny started seeing each other quit regular and after a while, they became inseparable. When you saw James you saw Bunny and when you saw Bunny you saw James. Bunny was the type she was not interested in his money she liked him. The thing was he would never talk about how he made his money and that made her very curious. Bunny thought James could not be doing anything illegal he was not that type of person, but why would he not tell her were he made his money? Bunny was not the type to use her wish power she believed in working for what she wanted. She decided James was the man for her so she made a wish she wished to find out how James got his money. As soon as she made her wish, she was instantly transported to were James was. She knew he would not like her spying on him so she hide and just watched and listened to what he was saying.James had tried everything he could not to bet because he knew Bunny would not approve. He did not know how to tell her how he made his money. When Bunny transported to were James was he had decided to make one more bet and that was with the owner of Bunny’s restaurant which happened to be her father. James did not want to take Bunny’s father’s life he just wanted the restaurant. James’s idea behind making his bet he would get the restaurant and Bunny and her father would not need to work for the rest of their lives. Bunny’s father did not want to bet with James. Bunny’s father was just interested in were James got his money and he noticed Bunny was watching them. James decided to confide in Bunny’s father just how he got his money because he figured if Bunny’s father was some day going to be his father in law he should know. James started to explain were and how he got his money as he spoke Bunny’s father walked over to were Bunny was hiding and reveled her to James.Bunny was so shocked as to what she heard James say she ran out of the room crying. Bunny ran out into the street and thought to herself I will make a wish that I had never met James. Before she could actually make her wish a car hit her. James heard a lot of noise in front of the restaurant so he walked out to see what was going on. He saw his beloved Bunny lying on the ground bleeding and he nearly collapsed from the sight. James could not bare the thought of loosing Bunny. All he could think about was what he could do to help her. James was so traumatized by what was going on he did not even think about the fact that all he had to do was wish her to be better and it would happen. James ran over to Bunny and kneeled down to her. When he did this, she opened her eyes and said, “Why? Why do you kill people for their money? I am dieing now I hope that makes you happy. You can add me to your kill list.”All James could think about was making Bunny better. He said to her, “No this does not make me happy. I love you and I do not want you to die.”James thought for a minute and finally realized I can wish her better! He closed his eyes and wished harder then he ever wished for her to get better, but nothing happened. James opened his eyes and saw nothing had happened. Then he cried out in agony, “What is wrong? Why is she not getting better?”There was a crowd that gathered at the seen of the accident and when James screamed an old man stepped out from the crowd and said, “How much do you want to save her?”James looked up through tear-filled eyes to see who was speaking to him. What he saw was an old man with a long white beard and he was dressed in tattered clothes. James said to the old man, “I would give anything to save her I love her and I can not live without her, but who are you and what do you care?”The old man replied, “Who I am is not important and as to your other question I care more then you will ever know about how this turns out. Now I have a question for you. Would you give back all the lives you have taken to make her better?”James without even hesitating answered, “YES! I would do anything to make her better, but how would that help her and how could I do that, they are all long dead.”T he old man replied, “It does not matter how it just matters that you are willing to help her.”When the old man finished speaking James could not believe his eyes the old man slowly started to disappear. Just as the old man started to go James started feeling the energy from all the lives he had taken leave him as well. The problem was James did not see any improvement in Bunny. As James’s energy started to leave him he started to age, after all James’s true age was 1500 years old. All the lives he had taken over the years had kept him young. James started to feel like he was on death door but Bunny had not gotten any better. He cried out, "What is wrong you have taken all the lives from me that I took with my betting, but she is not getting any better.”After James spoke the old man replied, “There is still one more life you can give to save her and that is your own! Are you willing to do that for her?”James replied without even thinking, “Yes! If that is what it will take to bring Bunny back I will gladly give my life for hers.”As soon as James finished speaking, he felt his own life slipping away from him and to his joy; he saw Bunny’s life returning to her. The last thing James heard before he died was his Bunny saying I will always Love you! After James died, Bunny knew that she too could not live without James so she closed her eyes and made a wish. She wished that time would be turned back to the time that her and James first met in her fathers restaurant. She also wished that James no longer had the power to take peoples lives with a bet or even had the want to bet at all. In addition, that James had never started betting to begin with and that he made his money from an inheritance. The moment Bunny finished speaking she was back to that day at the restaurant when she and James first met. She had another chance to be with James.I thank you dear reader for considering my little love story. I wish to leave you with one question. What would you do if you could turn back the clock?

Love Story


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This is a love story set in the future


love story

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