Halloween comes once a year and to different people it means different things. To some it means candy and costumes. To others it means the end of the growing season. Still others believe that Halloween is a time to honor their dead loved ones. Halloween has been around for hundreds of years. This is a story of a person that takes the week of Halloween to a whole new level.Any other time of the year Duke is a mild mannered Locksmith. For Duke the closer Halloween comes the more he begins to change. He changes from a very friendly and happy type of guy to a very dark and foreboding type of guy. For all of Duke’s life the week of Halloween has been a blank week. He has been to every doctor he could find but no one has ever been able to tell him why he blanks out on the week of Halloween.It is now 2 weeks before Halloween and Duke’s is very well aware that he is about to loose an entire week of his life. He came up with an idea to have one of his friends’ plant a camera on him so he could finally know what happens to him on Halloween week.Duke gets the feeling he is about to blackout and the last words he says is, “Please God do not let me hurt any one.”It is now November 1 12:00am and Duke is coming out of his blackout. His first thought is, “I need to find that camera! I must know what I have done!”The problem was Duke did not know were the camera was. So he thought for a moment, “Now were would the best place be to hide a camera on me? I would have to be some place it would always be with me.”Then it came to him, “The camera’s in my cross! I never take it off.”He ran to his computer and took his cross off so he could download the film from the camera. What he saw on the tape he could not believe. He saw what he thought was himself standing in front of a mirror but how could it be? The man he saw was at least 90 and Duke is only 25! This sight made him more interested in watching the tape. As he watched he saw this old man going about his daily routine and as he

touched anyone he saw his hand glow slightly. At first he thought it was just a glitch in the film. The thing was he also noticed that after he touched a person he saw a noticeable change come over them. They got older and as they got older Duke saw this 90 year old man get younger! Then on the day of Halloween Duke saw himself on the tape do something that chilled him to his very bone. He saw himself touch a young girl that seemed to be on a date with his alter ego and the young girl vanished! The next time he was able to see his alter ego in a mirror he looked 25 again.
Duke could not believe what he saw himself doing on the tape. As soon as the tape finished he just sat there shaking and asking himself, “What am I and what have I done?”
When he asked that question of himself a young girl answered from behind him, “You are a Youthling. You are a being that must drain the youth from other minor specious once a season to live. Our people pick there own time of the season to “feed.” I find it very interesting you pick the week the humans call Halloween to be your

time to “feed.” For our people that is one of our holiest times of the season. It has been foretold to us that a king will come to us and we will know him because he will chose that time of the season to “feed.” I believe you Duke are our king. You have two chooses, you can choose to come with me and live a life of pure luxury beyond your wildest dreams as our king, or you can stay here and live as a human. What is your decision?”
Duke could not believe his ears. He had many questions of this young girl so he said, “I am a king? How can I leave my family? Can I take them with me?
The girl answered, “Your family can not come with you. If they did they would be looked upon as youth food for someone. You do not want that do you?”
Duke asked, “What will happen if I stay here? Will I continue to “feed” once a season or can you stop me from feeding so I can live a normal life?”
The girl answered, “My king, if you do not wish to come with me that is your right. I can stop your “feeding” but you will not leave past your next cycle. Is that what you want?”
Duke thought for a moment. He had two chooses, go with her and be a king or stay with his family and loved ones and die in year. He answered her by saying, “I would die with out my family so either way I chose I am dead. I will stay here. Please stop my “feeding” cycles.”
She answered in a sad tone. “If that is your wish my king. You will not have another cycle but you will be dead within a year. I hope you have a happy life, what there is left of it.”
After the girl finished speaking she was gone. Duke did have a happy life with his family and he never regretted his decision for a moment. I leave you with one question to ponder. What would you have done?



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