I like to take picture of my little dog Buddy or of nature. If you have ever owned a little dog like mine you would understand why I say he gives me a photo opportunity almost every time I turn around.For me taking pictures is about preserving a piece of time. A piece that may never come again. Why say to your grandchildren, “I remember when this happened.” This leaves them to just imagine what you are talking about. It would be so much better to be able to show them what you are talking about.Think of how valuable a picture of a dead loved one is to the one who misses them most.Pictures are a way for we as a people to record for future generations what means the most to us today.A hundred years from now when we are all long gone. How do you know that future generations will even know what a flower is because they may all be gone as well.Just a little food for thought.
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To the buyer of The Old West

To the buyer of my old west photo, THANK YOU! I do very much appreciate the fact that you like my work enough to buy it.
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I live in the United States. Indiana to be exact. I just wondered if the gas prices were as bad in other places as it is here. Today is Wednesday 27, 2008 and the current price for gas around were I live is in the $3.55 to $4.00 range depending on were you shop. What is like were you live? I would like to know if the oil companies are have a hard time like we are why did they post record profits…
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We as a people have lots of needs. The need for a new car. The need for a new home or that new pair of shoes. 99% of the things we think we “need” are not things we really need they are things we want. Think about the little children in the third world countries. The only thing they “need” is food. They know nothing about fancy shoes or clothes. All they “need”…
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I am very grateful to Mar for buying another card from me. She bought my picture of The Pink Meeting. For someone to buy one of my works is a great honor for me just to know some one likes my work enough to buy it is a thrill! I have been on RB for about two months now and Mar has been the one to buy both of my only cards that have been sold. In my two months on this site I have had over 4000 vie…
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