Being Vegan and Being Broke Dont Mix

So I’ve been Vegan for the past 8 months and it’s the biggest struggle. Only being 19, I’m of course low income so with all my bills I’m very limited to my grocery spending. I originally went vegan for the health aspect of it. After doing research for a few months on healthy eating, the digestive system, vitamins, the meat and dairy industry, and the benefits of all natural foods compared to processed foods and preservatives, there was no question what so ever, that Veganism would be a life long choice and lifestyle for me.
I’m starting to hit a wall now. I’m struggling. I’ve limited myself to $5- $10 a day on foods, only buying fruits and veggies, and nuts, trying to of course get as much of a variety as I can. And to be perfectly honest with myself, I sometimes have the thought that just for now, I wish I could go back and not be vegan since I cant fallow a balanced and 100% healthy diet just yet. I’m no doubt going to be vegan when I’m older and can afford it, but right now I’m sometimes tempted to give in a little bit and just have some food all ready at home to satisfy my hunger. But then I slap myself in the face and remember something. I’m taking a stand for something. This society is so messed up. Meat and dairy industries profit so much that the government of course ignores all the shit that is caused by it. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and almost any thing wrong with the people in our country now a days is directly related to poor dieting. And then medical insurances gain gold. I’m not going to go into it too much here, if you want to do your own research, go right ahead. I’m taking a stand to show that I will not put those substances into my body. I will not even wear any clothing that is made from animals, which is a whole other aspect, and I wont go into it for this journal. And it might be contradicting to be a little unhealthy while doing so because I’m struggling, but it’s about the bigger cause. I will not spend my money on something that fucks up my body in the long run. Or fucks up this whole society. We’re told milk gives us calcium, and meat gives us protein, which yes they do. Cows milk gives you calcium intended for cows, and meat has so much artificial hormones in it, that it’s a disgusting thought for me to consume it. Every fruit, vegetable, nut, and grain has amino acids in it, protein, and calcium. And another big plus, is a lot of fruits have antioxidants in them, which fight off cancer cells and even help your immune system. This is a stand. And sometimes in life when we take a stand for something, there’s going to be a struggle. This is mine. But I refuse to back out.

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