For a while I have been formuating the concept for my ultimate apocalyptic saga. The perfect comic adventure that combines all popular genres into one. With Peter J. Hodgson (self published author and artist) writing as I dictate the story, concepts, characters and settings the production of this promising comic series should run with a flow. Myself and my partner and best bud on this project are in the process of creating our own comic label that will not only help launch my series but Peter’s comic series too.

“The story so far is awesome, I have just started writing Chapter 5 which would be the 5th comic and I really cant wait. The art from series creator Shaun Baldwin (best bud) is awesome and unlike anything I have seen in comics. Bedlam has many interesting and conflicted characters and a story that has more threads than any other. It is a delight to write this, so far it is one of the best collaborative efforts I have worked on.” – Peter J. Hodgson (writer, art assistant)

Today we have just finished creating some art that combines both our talents, these are under wraps so far. I have chills, every step is as satisfying as the last and I cant wait to bring this to the world.

Thanks fellow Redbubblers.

Shaun Baldwin

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