Features and Top Ten

Hi everyone. Well it’s been a busy two weeks since my lasy journal. Thanks to everyone who commented, favourited, voted or chose my pics to feature.
My featureds were.
“You Are 2” in- All About Flowers.

“Jesus Is The Reason” in- For The Love Of Jesus.

“Lets Go To The Ball” in Behind The Mask.

“Christmas Wishes” in Fabulous Flowers.

“Swollen River-Painting in Aussie bush Paintings.

“Fracto girl” in Freedom to Shine.

My poem “My Santa Encounter”was featured in all Things Poetic.

I got in the Top Ten with "Swollen River-painting and “A Girl and Her Dog”

Thanks so much everyone and have a Great and Happy New Year.

PS, I’ve just discovered I’ve sold a card of “Radiant Rose Reflected” to an anonymous buyer. Thanks to whomever you might be.

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