Aging Invisibly

Running withered old fingers through his rapidly thinning hair, the invisible man decided it was time to retire. Having wasted all of his youth searching for a cure to his invisibility, he finally accepted his fate, and resigned to live out the rest of his years as invisible.

But life for an elderly invisible man was not easy.
Too slow now to dodge around people walking in the busy street. Too feeble to slip past a maid into a vacant hotel room to spend the night.

So he found a nice house occupied by an elderly couple, and one sunny day when they where both outside in the garden, he quietly crept through the back door and moved in.

He started sleeping in the spare room where no one usually ventured. And in the evenings when the husband and wife sat around the dining table he would creep past them into the kitchen to help himself to his own meal, only taking enough to remain unnoticed.

As he got older his hip started to give him trouble and he found it much easier to walk around with a walking stick. This was a huge dilemma for an invisible man. It meant he could only use the stick when there was no one else in the room.
Eventually his eyesight also began to fail. But luckily he found a pair of contact lenses that worked perfectly. This of course meant that two small glass circles would appear to float around the house as he walked about. So he had to close his invisible eyelids over the lenses whenever someone was looking in his direction.

One day the invisible man happened to be walking quietly across the lounge room, right between the television set and the old couple watching it. His eyes closed tight to hide his contact lenses. Suddenly a sharp scream erupted from the old woman. He froze for an instant wondering what had frightened her so much. Then he shuffled quickly and quietly out of the room. Of course as he had gotten older the invisible man began to be forgetful. All the couple could see was a wooden walking stick standing upright, walking slowly through the room by itself.

The following day the couple moved out and sold the house in a hurry. And before long a bunch of university students moved in.

Life isn’t easy for an elderly invisible man.

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