When God designed the world and everything in it, he made all creatures two by two. Every leopard had her partner and every dolphin had his mate. That was the way of things.

One warm night He shaped two babies from the same clay. Wide eyed and full of excitement, bundled together in His arms they played, while He found for them a home in the world.

He placed his two newborns in their homes on the earth, one beneath the shade of a gum tree, the other on soft red soil. They slept their first night under two different moons.

The boy grew up with sand between his toes, skipping stones over breaking waves, the girl picked jacarandas for her hair and danced under the warm sun. While the boy woke to the laugh of the kookaburra, the girl slept to the distant roar of lions.

Then for one quiet moment, God pulled back the curtain of ocean and time and allowed them a small glimpse of each other.

A smile crept across the man’s face and a tear gathered in the woman’s eye as they once again recognized their love of so long ago.

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