Unlikely Scenarios

Dangling precariously from a ledge, Jeffery washed a dirty window while whistling to himself quietly. Seventeen stories below, businessman Archer Keenan stepped outside wearing an expensive suit while yelling angrily into his mobile phone. Meanwhile across the street Karen pulled out of a parking space to go pick up her daughter from school.

The one thing these three strangers had in common was that today they would all die at the same time.

Jeffery scratched his nose and grinned absently at his reflection in the glass. Archer yelled into his phone, his cheeks bright red from high blood pressure. Karen sighed while watching a long line of cars pass as her indicator ticked rhythmically.

All three totally unaware that in a matter of seconds an event would happen that would send all three of them to their simultaneous death.

Perhaps Jeffery would slip, his lanky body plummeting down seventeen stories to land on Archer Keenan’s bald head. Karen watching in shock would accidentally hit the accelerator and drive forward into oncoming traffic.

Or maybe Archer would get so angry that he’d throw his phone across the street, and it would fly through Karen’s window, causing a fatal blow to her head. She would slump forward onto the horn. And Jeffery looking down toward the noise would lose his balance, fall on Archer, and ground him into the pavement.

Or perhaps Karen would light a cigarette, unaware that her car had a gas leak. The tank catching alight would shoot a fireball across the street at Archer. Archer’s highly expensive and highly flammable suit would instantly go up in flames. Karen’s car would then explode and Jeffery looking down at the commotion would get dizzy and plummet down seventeen stories to land with a thud on Archer, who had been running around in circles whilst on fire.

But what is the chance of one of these scenarios happening? Somewhere in the vicinity of one in a billion.

No what actually happened was, just at the moment that Karen finally got a break in the traffic. Right when Archer’s face turned a brighter shade of red. At the very moment Jeffery’s right index finger scratched his left earlobe. A huge asteroid collided with the earth, causing the planet to implode. Jeffery, Archer and Karen where engulfed in a one hundred thousand degree fireball, dying instantly and simultaneously.

Along with the rest of the planet of course.

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