Snakes are on the Move!!

I’m writing to Warn fellow Photographers of Snakes that are on the move around Australia. Yesterday Karen and I had a Brush with death. We were out Photographing at the back of the Barossa Valley, we were at an old church taking photo’s when we walked into the Old Cemetery and took a look around at the History of families that called this area there home. WE had already spent around 20mins there before I came across a grave stone a young boy and called Karen over to take a look, it was situated pretty much right in the middle of the Grave Yard, What happen next all went so very fast, but I took a step to my right and as my foot came down I stood on something, my Instant reaction was what was that I stood on, no longer I looked down here was this massive snake having a strike at the back of my leg, how his fangs never penetrated my leg I have no Idea. Instant fear took over and I ran faster then I think I ever have, so much so that I ran into a Grave Stone and grazed up my right shin, by this time I had no Idea if the snake had bite me or not, when I finally came to a stop and made sure Karen was ok as she was calling out to me in Fear. The Snake had reared right up and had a go at her as she was back peddling. The snake tried to strike her but she was lucky enough to stay farther enough away from striking distance. It then eased off a little and started taking off, Karen watched it with Intent to make sure she knew where it was going so we could get out of there safely. So When I finally got to take a look at myself and make sure he hadn’t bite me, I was so relived to know he had missed, but how I have no Idea as this Brown Snake was a monster, he was over 7 foot long and one very angry snake!!

This is the 3rd snake we have already seen so early in the season, compared to last year I only ever saw 2 snakes all year and they were crossing a dirt road, But this season is looking bad already spotting 3 snakes and all deadly one’s and standing on one has really got the fear factor out in me.

So Please make sure if your out in the country taking photo’s that you Wear the correct clothing to help protect yourself and keep a very close eye out. Make sure you wear Good Footwear that are Enclosed and Long pants to help reduce the chance no matter how hot it is. I was wearing shoes yesterday but only shorts and this alone could of been my downfall, I was one of the very very Lucky one’s, but Brown Snakes have killed more humans in Australia then any other snake, these guy’s should not be treated lightly, they are highly toxic with venom that can kill a human in minutes. So PLEASE take all the Precautions you can, you can never be Over cautions, these guy’s aren’t worth playing around with trust me, they are Killers. I was just very very lucky as they say that if you stand on a snake you have 95% chance of being bitten, so that’s how damn lucky I was and even today I am still shacking!! I feel so blessed and so very very lucky and who ever was looking over me, I am forever great full, thank you!

So fellow Photographers, Please make sure you take care out there as the snake’s are already on the move. After what I went through yesterday, I wouldn’t even wish it upon my worst enemy, it’s was the scariest moment of my life! So Please make sure you wear appropriate clothing as it could help save your life!!

Take care and Please Stay Safe, This may never happen to you, but always be very cautious and keep your eye’s peeled! It would a be a great Idea to learn more about first Aid for Snake bites just Incase, it’s better to be safe then sorry!!
Australian Snake Bites First Aid


Shannon Rogers

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