Jan Tribe

Farr West, United States

I love being able to capture a moment in time with my camera. I take photos based on what I feel is beautiful, unique or silly. I have a...

My Daughter is getting married!! Exciting but crazy time right now!

My daughter is getting married on the 2nd of January….!!!

I copied these pics from my daughter’s blog … her photographer is fantastic and if you would like to see more of her work here is a link to her website.. Anne Pearson Photography

We are so happy and thrilled for her and love the man she has chosen to marry!

But this might explain some of my scattered way of replying or not replying… thanking or not thanking… clicking the wrong key and so on…. ha ha!!

in a week I’ll be able to catch up with everyone…. I just grabbed a few moments today to rest a bit and do a little catching up

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful artists and photographers!!

Ü Jan

It has been crazy and busy and exhausting and totally worth it all!

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