Jan Tribe

Farr West, United States

I love being able to capture a moment in time with my camera. I take photos based on what I feel is beautiful, unique or silly. I have a...

3 Surprises for Today - Features Ü and 1 top ten challenge win!!


In the group BLOOMING TREES’ my Peach Blossom in Watercolor
was featured just this morning!!!

also Peach Blossoms in Water Color in the challenge NOT IN ITS NATURAL STATE in the top ten, coming in #5 !!

Thank you for all those who voted in the challenge and
Thank you BLOOMING TREES for the honor of being featured on your group page!!!


I just noticed that my “Setting Sun” had been featured in the group PEACE, LOVE, AND TRANQUILITY

Thank you so much to the moderators in PEACE LOVE AND TRANQUILITY
for the honor of being featured on your group page!!

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