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Farr West, United States

I love being able to capture a moment in time with my camera. I take photos based on what I feel is beautiful, unique or silly. I have a...

To my amazement !!!

I received a bubble mail from Lori Peters this morning telling me that my “We’re free because of the brave” was on page 3 or 4 of the most popular 1 day on the front pages of Red Bubble. I didn’t quite believe I understood her right so I went looking and I saw her red fox and her bunny on the popular pages 4 and 6 and thought she was just letting me know that she was on the front pages. Then I reread her bmail and went looking again and I hadn’t clicked on the 1day tab for most popular and now on the 7th page was my picture !! While I was looking I noticed that Steve Smith’s “Sunrise, Staindrop”, was on page 1 of day 1 and his Hardraw Force was on page 4 of the 1 day and then I saw that MarianaEwa’s “Landing Gear” was on page 7 of the most popular 1 day !!

Such Fun !!

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