Out of the closet

Something I did not know about myself, until quite recently, is that I want to write.

I find it funny that I have always, deep in the back of my mind, wanted to write. This inclination was so deep and so far back that it was even kept secret from myself. (I am very good at keeping secrets, by the way).

It is out in the open now, and being quite loud and not at all secretive. My mind is brewing up a childrens story book. I realise, as I write this, that it sounds as if my mind is seperate from the rest of me, writing a story of its on volition. It sometimes feels that way. Perhaps I am trying to buffer myself from failure and rejection. Perhaps I should remove the word ‘perhaps’ from that last sentence…

So I’ll just come out with it then, and have it all in the open. I would like to write a childrens book. It will be based on a true story a friend told me about a house-trained deer. I will publish this story (I have no idea how to do that – but I am in an affirming state of mind). And now my courage has run dry. I will share more about this another time.

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