Holy McGrory!

And Crikey McDikey! Well I am well and truly over the merry old moon to see my laughing seal ( Private Joke ) chuckling away on the Red Bubble front page! A huge honour indeed. Hoowee! I don’t know by what mysterious forces he arrived there – or even precisely when – all I know is that somehow he’s laughed himself right to the top , and made my day completetly! As someone so perfectly remarked – a grinner’s a winner. Well I’m the one who’s grinning now!

So – a huge thank you to everyone concerened in putting him there and just as huge a thank you to all the people who have taken the time to drop by and leave a comment! Thank you ALL!


But then, suddenly, hot on the heels of this mighty triumph (and as if that weren’t enough) I have word from Red Bubble’s, Mr Baxter, the Chief Officer of Sending Good News, that I have just made not one, not two but THREE SALES!!

Private Joke , Jock the Bulldog and
Moss the Collie

How good is this?!!!

To the anonymos buyer(s) I send a huge thank you too. You have capped off a very special day in a superbly perfect way. It is SO MUCH appreciated.

Crikey McDikey indeed. I think I’ll need a lie down now. Some one pass me a cool, damp flannel.

Basking nicely,


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