2nd part of the new sci-fi series.....Shattered Space

Shattered Peace
IJN Yamato
Command Bridge
Boundary of Yamato Sol

The IJN Yamato one of the pride and prestige of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere passed the planet of Taira which is the Empire’s last colony before the boundary of Yamato Sol is reached. Upon arriving at the edge of the solar-system, every brave crew within the gigantic and magnificent super battleship is on alert and focused on their next task.
“Crew members of the Yamato, this is the Captain speaking. Shortly we will be embarking on our first warp travel. Everyone should be on their battle stations until the alert level is lowered. Until further notice this ship will be on red alert. All hands prepare for warp jump.”
Captain Nobu Kodai firmly sat on his command chair, initiating enhance sensor imaging, the cables plugged into his nervous circuitry behind his neck allowing data feedback from the ship’s artificial intelligence computer and his feedback to the ship. In three-dimensional view he could see the ship and the next solar-system ahead of them through radar and advance warning systems. Then the ship Captain checked the warp engines from engineering systems and when he is satisfied with the readiness of the engines he started to initiate the warp jump sequence.
“Helm, key in the sequence for the next solar-system’s coordinates. After that initiate warp jump.”
“Aye Captain,” replied the helmsman.
“Chief Engineer, are the warp drive fully compensated for the jump?”
“Captain, everything is normal and all is a go,” informed the Chief Engineer.
“All hands this is the Captain, prepare for warp jump,” informed the Captain via the ship’s announcement system.
The bow of the ship glowed orange-yellow where space and time’s fabric has been torn open from Yamato Sol and the next solar-system via an artificially created worm hole. A far off planet near the edge of the next solar-system showed from the other side of the worm hole. As soon that the ship’s sensor detected stability of the worm hole, the IJN Yamato passed through emerging on the other side, and successfully completing the ship’s first warp jump.
“Captain we are now on sector 542-22-67. We have left Yamato Sol sir,” informed the helmsman.
“Good,” replied Captain Nobu Kodai, “Hold our bearing here until further notice ensign.”
“Aye Captain,” the helmsman obeyed his Captain’s command.
The IJN Yamato slowed to a stop, holding position at the edge of Yamato Sol’s neighboring solar system which has not been colonized by the people of Yamato. Captain Nobu Kodai disengaged his connection with the ship via enhance sensory imaging matrix and switched the announcement system of the ship. Standing up from his chair, he beckons his second in command to him as he pulled out a transcript document originating from IDF Command.
“Read it Commander.”
Commander Hiro Nishima accepted the document handed to him by his commanding officer, Captain Nobu Kodai and began to read the transcript from IDF Command in kanji.
Imperial Defense Force Command
Star Defense Force
Imperial City
Yamato Prime
Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere

To: Captain Nobu Kodai
From: Imperial Defense Force Joint Chief of Staff
Subject: Special Assignment

IJN Yamato must intercept target that is underway towards Yamato Sol. The following coordinates are the next possible intercept point:
Identify the race and origin of the subject. Identify intention of intercepted subject. Use weapons only as a self-defense.
Composition of intercepted subject:
Five (5) Capital Ships of unknown class
Race of Intercepted Subject:
Information of intercepted subject:
Two (2) weeks from this date, Sensory and Radar Intercept Departments have identified this target approaching from five (5) regions distance of Yamato Sol. Another target is also identified. However that target will not be due to our solar-system until fourteen (14) days. This target is to reach Yamato Sol within thirty-six (36) hours. All efforts must be done to identify the approaching target and their intent too must be identified. Do not fire unless fired upon, thus to avoid inter-stellar incident.

The crewmembers of the IJN Yamato who are in the bridge with the ship’s Captain gazed upon their commanding officer in disbelief.
“Crewmembers of the IJN Yamato, since the founding of our beloved civilization of Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere, no other sentient race have yet made contact with our people. However today is different. As all of you know we are to intercept five Capital Ships from unknown origin and unknown race. We cannot afford to enter the galactic and even the universal community by starting an unwanted incident, therefore we will conduct every effort to make contact in a peaceful manner. Thus as all of you now noticed, we are alone. The Mikasa class heavy cruisers are not with us. This will hopefully avoid conflict but that does not mean we are not defenseless. This ship is the symbol of our civilization’s technological accomplishment, marvel, and might. Let us not disappoint our people,” Captain Nobu Kodai told his crew.
Commander Hiro Nishima saluted his ship’s Captain.
“Sir I am certain that I speak for the crew as I say this, we are with you to the end Captain,” the IJN Yamato’s second in command said to Captain Nobu Kodai.
Nobu Kodai returned the salute and nodded at his second in command.
“The five unknown ships are due to be here in this solar-system within a few hours. I want everyone to be in alert, sensory and radar operators must be vigilant to detect these unknown ships,” the Captain informed his bridge crew.
“Aye Captain, anything our sensors and radar detects will be passed to you sir,” replied the tactical officer.
“Commander Nishima you are in command. Inform me of any new developments and I will be in my ready room.”
Hiro Nishima assumed his post as the commander of the bridge.
“Yes Captain. We will not fail you or our people.”
Nobu exited the bridge and walked towards his ready room.
I wonder who you are out there. Are you a friend or a foe?
Nobu Kodai entered his ready room with those thoughts, sitting down on his chair behind the cedar desk, he initiated enhance data matrix imaging with the ship’s data base in search for the answers to his own questions. Data files flood him as he immersed himself with any useful information that will shed some answers to the unknown that in a few hours he will have to face.
Unlike any other officers within the IDF, Captain Nobu Kodai has served in inter-stellar wars over sixty years ago making him among the most experienced battlefield commander both in space and on planetary surface. During those time, he was a lost man, a warrior without a cause, a ronin drifting in life’s current without a purpose. He was a leader of warriors for hire. He was at the time a universal mercenary.
Son of a gun, I think I just have a match.
Printing off the data he needs, his hand quickly gathered the papers and stapling them together. Nobu Kodai, Captain of the IJN Yamato made his way out of his ready room and back into the command bridge.
“Senior Officers to the Battle Bridge and gunnery team prepare for combat.”

Saburo Residence
Outskirts of the Imperial City
Yamato Prime
Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere

Koji Saburo joined his wife in their kitchen. After spending time with his and his wife’s pets, he have decided it is time to come into their manor and see what his lovely wife have in mind for lunch. She brushed her burnet hair away from her left eye as her hands skillfully diced a dozen German Potatoes. Seasoning them with garlic salt and pepper she slowly dropped them on a pan half filled with cooking oil. Serene Saburo’s white complexion turned red as she turns around and is shocked to see her husband in front of her.
“Hello my rump roast,” he smack her buns teasing her.
“Baby, stop that! You know I hate it when you do that.”
She smacks his shoulder with a spatula as he grins then laughed.
“Hey now that’s spousal abuse.”
“Whatever Koji,” she replied to him and his playful jokes, “How’s Molly and Stevie?”
“Wonderful, as usual Princess play with me or else she gets sad and lonely.
“That’s typical of her,” she assured him.
“Yeah, I know honey.”
The couple raised a white wolf as a cub. They treated her as if she is their own daughter, thus the white cub known as Princess becomes a spoiled little brat by other people’s standard.
“What’s for lunch babe?”
“I’m about done with the roast beef, country fried potatoes, and gravy,” she replied beaming at him, “Since you’ve been eating a lot of rice and Asian food lately, it is only proper to cook you some western dishes.”
She stood on the tip of her toes and kissed his lips.
“Your cooking is what I miss when I’m out in the Aoba.”
“Is that all you miss then?”
She scowled at him.
“Of course not baby. I miss you a big bunch.”
“You better miss me, Captain Koji Saburo,” she wrapped her arms around her husband.
“Always do Mrs. Serene Saburo.”
Their residential holographic telecommunication system rang.
“I’ll get it,” Serene said as she walked to the phone, “It’s probably Uncle Bill.”
He watched her beautiful body sway to the phone answering it. The couple met before he was promoted as a Captain of a Yamato Class, it was his time as squadron commander and Earth was visited by a trading flotilla. Koji spent a month on Earth, meeting Serene by chance in Los Angeles, originally she came from the state of Iowa. Soon the two got acquainted and once Koji left, the two exchanged number. Thanks to inter-galactic telecommunication, it is possible to contact people from one system or even galaxy to another. A year later Serene decided to move with Koji in Yamato Prime, a few more years will pass before the two decided to marry, and by then Koji Saburo have become a well known officer within the ranks of the Imperial Defense Force.
“Baby it’s your friend Nobu from the Yamato,” she called to him.
Koji walked towards the phone and grabs it as the handset is handed to him by his wife.
“I wonder what this is about.”
“I don’t know honey,” she replied.
Captain Koji Saburo pressed the receiver to his ears as the transponder is set leveled to his lips.
“Nobu, it’s me Koji.”
“Koji, remember twenty years ago and the incident about nine regions away from Yamato Prime?”
“Yeah, you and I were in the same flight wing together. Why you asked Nobu?”
“They’re back, Koji. The Reapers have returned and this time they took big Cap Ships with them,” replied Captain Nobu Kodai.
He gazed on Nobu’s facial expression for any hint of a joke. Apparently it is not a prank but it is of reality and concern.
“Sweet mercy, have you contacted IDF Command?”
“Yes and I’ve asked them to send you to help me. But before they contact you I want to tell you myself what we’re facing against.”
“Understood, I will be prepared Nobu. Stay alive until I arrive.”
“I will Koji.”
Captain Koji Saburo hangs up and at the same moment another ring. He does not have to guess twice to know who has called him during his fourteen days of liberty.
“Saburo residence,” Koji politely said over the phone.
Admiral Togo Tanaka’s face appeared and greeted the Aoba’s Captain.
“Koji, I need you out there again. I have recalled your crew and you will depart immediately. All needed information will be in the Aoba for your review,” said the Admiral.
“Aye Admiral,” replied Koji, “I will be ready and in the Aoba within two hours sir.”
“Good enough. I wish you luck and God speed son.”
IJN Yamato
Battle Bridge
Outside the boundaries of Yamato Sol

Five ships entered the solar-system from the other end, alert was quickly sounded, and the gigantic super battleship surges forward to intercept the five Capital Ships.
“Captain, computer has pulled up a match from the database. The five ships ahead of us are composed of four heavy cruisers in class and a battleship.”
“All right, communication officer hail them,” commanded Captain Nobu Kodai.
“This is IJN Yamato to the unidentified five ships please identify yourselves,” Lieutenant Commander Misa Kasama franticly trying to contact the silent five ships.
Captain Nobu Kodai activated the ship’s enhance sensory imaging matrix and took active control of the ship’s helm, guidance, navigation, sensory, radar, and weaponry. From the Yamato’s sensor readings, the main guns of all the five ships they have been assigned to intercept started to surge with energy spikes. That only meant that the Reapers are out for blood and their weapons are being armed.
“Enemy’s weapons and including main guns are active. They are now hostile!”
Commander Hiro Nishima took initiative and activated the announcement system.
“Alright everyone this is the real thing. Do your best, we’re in the fight for our lives people.”
Gunnery teams made certain that all weapons are charged and actively working properly. Fire control teams are on standby ready to spring into action if the hull is breached. While maintenance and even galley workers from the ship’s huge kitchen don on fire retardant clothing and joined the maintenance team to patch up and make rapid make shift repair to any damages that may occur.
“Sir, this is Lieutenant Commander Hanzo Himura. Everyone are in their place and prepared,” the Fire Control Chief informed the bridge.
“Copy that Lieutenant Commander,” replied Captain Nobu Kodai, “Range finder officer, give me actual full effective weapons range of all the ship’s batteries. Patch it through via data link.”
“Aye Captain,” replied the range finder officer as he quickly typed in and calculated the necessary information before passing them to the ship’s Captain.
After the data is received by Captain Nobu Kodai, he immediately relayed the information to the ship’s main and secondary batteries. Then he plotted a battle course that would bring all his guns upon all the five Reaper Capital Ships.
“Helm, set course and keep the ship steady. Gunnery teams, do not fire until I give the command.”
“Aye Captain,” replied both the helmsman and the Gunnery Officer.
“Fighters launch!”
The IJN Yamato bravely headed to towards their destination point where their destiny and fate awaits as forty Zeros streaked out of the flight bay. Seconds seems to pass as if they are minutes and minutes began to pass as if they are hours. It took forty minutes for the IJN Yamato to arrive at the point of action, by then the guns of each Reaper ships began to fire.
“Raise our shields and prepare for impact!”
“Commander our shields are up and the Reapers are firing their weapons from extreme long range. They will not hit us at this distance,” informed the Tactical Officer charged with radar and sensory equipment.
Captain Nobu Kodai waited until both primary and secondary guns will be in full effect as the IJN Yamato decreases the distance between itself and the five Reapers.”
“Helm turn 45 degrees to port all guns turn to starboard as I’ve indicated by data feed,” commanded the Yamato’s Captain, “All fighters, attack the Reapers”
“Aye sir,” replied both officers in charge of their respective departments and the Zero’s wing commander.
The super battleship of the imperial Jade Neo-Sphere turned slightly to port as fourteen turrets, eight main batteries, and six secondary batteries of the above deck turned towards their respected area accordingly to the data feed and so did the fourteen turrets of the bottom deck where the bottom hull of the ship is located. In total twenty eight turrets tracked the Reaper formation.
“Brace for impact we will be taking hits but we will be hurting them badly,” informed Captain Nobu Kodai to his crew, “All guns fire!”
Blue energy surges from the main guns of the IJN Yamato then the fifty cannons of the main guns from the super battleship unleashed their energy of destruction towards the leading Reaper ship. The Yamato’s secondary guns hurled twelve projectiles towards the leading enemy ship, all the guns fired upon the Reaper lead ship found their mark quickly draining the enemy ship’s shield down to twenty-five percent.
“Fire rapid salvos and target the lead ship until the fifth salvo!”
Swarming around the five Reaper ships, forty Galactic Zero-Zen fighters formed up for an attack.
“All fighters, tora, tora, tora,” Wing Commander Akihara Toyotomi turned his Zero downward onto the Reaper’s largest ship, the battleship.
With tenacity the fighters dodges and weaves through the barrage of anti-fighter defenses that has been trying earnestly to deter the fighters from making any more strafing runs but it failed. Missiles from the fighter’s bay was launched until there is no more missiles left, then the pilots squeezed the joystick’s trigger firing the massive lasers, plasmas, and ion cannons fitted into the fighter. Soon explosions wreck havoc at the enemy battleship and two other heavy cruisers in front of the battleship and behind it. Suddenly there were two gigantic balls of fire engulfing both of the heavy cruisers.
“We got two heavy cruisers,” reported wing commander Akihara Toyotomi.
Though the fighters did perform well in their attack, they also manage to lose twenty-three fighters, their missile bay is dry, and the majority of the fighters are damaged which would not survive another strafing run even if the pilots choose to do so.
“Lieutenant Commander Toyotomi, you and your pilots have done a great job,” said Captain Nobu Kodai, “return to the Yamato and have your fighters repaired and re-armed.”
“Aye captain,” replied the wing commander, “Yamato fighter wing returning to base.”
Seventeen severely damaged fighters formed up in a massive V formation and punched in their after burners as they head towards the IJN Yamato knowing that their mission is over and they have done their best for the defense of their battleship.
IJN Aoba
Battle Bridge
The edge of Yamato Sol

“Helm, prepare to jump and gunnery teams charge all weapons,” Captain Koji Saburo commanded his specific crew.
A few hours before, the IJN Aoba departed Yamato Prime to join its sister ship, the IJN Yamato. A few days back, Captain Nobu Kodai headed out from the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere Colony Planet of Shikaku to intercept five capital ships of unknown origin. However, after Nobu Kodai’s intensive research and utilization of the database from IDF Command’s archive. The Captain of the IJN Yamato have found similarities between the ships once was encountered twenty years prior and the ones they are to intercept. It is determined that the unknown ships are from the dreaded kind known throughout the human and cyborg universe as the Reapers.
“Initiating warp engine and warp jump sequence sir,” the helmsman informed his commanding officer.
An orange-yellowish glow emitted from the bow of the ship, opening an artificial worm hole from normal space. This artificial gateway connected the solar-system of Yamato Sol and the one adjacent to it, there the IJN Yamato is located, and there the Reapers are waiting for them. The massive super battleship Aoba enters this artificial gateway and emerges at the edge of the next solar-system.
“Sir, warp jump is a success,” the helmsman reported.
“Initiating long range scan of the system sir,” informed the Tactical Officer.
Captain Koji Saburo switched on his enhance sensor imaging matrix, as he becomes one with the ship itself. It did not take long for the sensors to detect energy blast coming from the IJN Yamato and the Reapers.
“Helm, set course at the following coordinates. I’m relaying it to you via data uplink,” the IJN Aoba’s Captain instructed.
“Aye sir,” the reply came from his helmsman.
IJN Aoba, a super battleship of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere’s Imperial Defense Force sets course towards the battle zone.

IJN Yamato
Command Bridge
Battle Zone

The first two salvos from the IJN Yamato’s guns slammed into the Reaper’s lead ship and onto the ship’s shield sapping the stopping power of the defensive device. A few seconds passed and the third salvo punched through the enemy battleship’s hull, the fourth salvo punctured the bow’s two main turrets and Reaper battleship’s main guns erupted in an explosion as the hull is breached and energy blast mixes with hydrogen along with other combustible materials. The fifth and final salvo destroyed the enemy’s bride, superstructure, and stern main gun turrets, a few more seconds passed then the lead enemy battleship exploded into a massive fireball.
“Scratch one heavy cruiser!”
“Don’t celebrate yet gentlemen. We have one more heavy cruiser and a battleship to fight,” said Captain Nobu Kodai, “Gunnery team, target lock the far left enemy battleship.”
A barrage of energy blast rocked the ship as the shield absorbs their devastating power.
“Sir, guns are locked!”
Fifty massive energy guns trained on the next target, followed simultaneously by twelve enormous mass driver guns, and are ready to hurl massive projectile warheads at the newly acquired target.
“Commence firing!”
The IJN Yamato armed with powerful and awesome beamed along with projectile weapons concentrated that unbelievable fire power at the targeted Reaper battleship. The first salvo took more than half the enemy’s shield strength.
“Captain our shield is down to seventy percent sir,” informed the Tactical Officer.
Then another barrage from two of the three Reaper ships bombarded the lone super battleship, their destructive power from the gun’s energy blast being absorbed by the IJN Yamato’s shield.
“Fire a few salvos!”
The super battleship’s main guns and secondary guns hurled their deadly cargo of destruction towards the designated target. A salvo knocked the Reaper heavy cruiser’s shield out of commission, then two salvos followed, the first puncturing the heavy cruiser’s hull causing immense damage on the Reaper warship, and another salvo causing a chain reaction turning the damaged Reaper ship into a fire tomb in space for the crew of that battleship.
“We got a second heavy cruiser,” shouted a crewman in glee of cheer.
Suddenly a battleship and a dreadnought emerge from warp then all three warships of the Reaper flotilla immediately formed a line-ahead formation with the dreadnought. One battleship lead from the front, the dreadnought in the center, and the last battleship takes position in the rear of the formation. The main batteries of the Reapers adjusted, taking careful aim at the IJN Yamato, and finally letting loose a continuous barrage of lethal energy beam and projectile fire. Each hit saps the strength of the shield from the lone super battleship until the final hit causes the shield of the Yamato to crash.
“Captain, our shield has failed. Incoming barrage from their salvos sir,” warned the Tactical Officer.
Captain Nobu Kodai knew that his ship will be damage and that is unavoidable. What he wanted to avoid is the unnecessary loss of crew during this battle.
“Sir the IJN Aoba will be in intercept course within five minutes sir,” Lieutenant Commander Misa Kasama informed the Captain of the IJN Yamato.
“Helm, disengage and join up with the IJN Aoba,” after careful consideration of his option and with a failed shield there is but little option for Captain Nobu Kodai but to give his order.
“Aye Captain,” the helmsman obeyed swiftly franticly trying to avoid any severe hits from the Reapers and their concentrated barrage from their main guns.
Each meters that the IJN Yamato can distance itself from the enemy, the better their chances of survival. Unlike most races and empires in the universe, the Reapers are a very experienced fighting force. Each salvo guarantees a fifty percent chance of a hit and each hit damages the lone super battleship. Inside the IJN Yamato, projectile warheads penetrated the weaker armor and detonated on the hull. While high concentration of energy impacted on the hull of the IJN Yamato. The detonation and explosions caused havoc and carnage inside the super battleship. Crewmembers caught in the explosion were vaporized immediately, others were tossed from their station as their body burns, and others were caught by falling debris of the collapse hull. An explosion rips an opening from the ship’s outer hull. Three crewmembers were sucked out of the ship and into the void of space. The depressurized area was sealed off automatically by the ship’s artificial intelligence computer but the rotating cylinder which generates the ship’s artificial gravity was damaged causing the lost of gravity.
“Captain, damage report indicates hull breach on level 14, 15, 16, and towards 22 central areas. While gunnery crew reported damage on the first, second, fifth, and six main gun turret. Also, secondary batteries reported damage on turret 1, 2, and 4. The artificial gravity cylinder was damaged but repair crew is fixing it as we speak,” reported the executive officer of the Yamato.
Damage reports piled in to the command bridge. Though the Yamato Class is a tough super battleship it is not impossible to destroy one and the Reapers due to their experience in the universe as pirates and assassins, they have an advantage in experience as a group and a slight advance in technology if compared to the majority of the empires in the universe.
“Sir, the Reapers are in pursuit and our speed is dropping. Soon they will overtake us,” Commander Hiro Nishima reported.

IJN Aoba
Command Bridge
Battle Zone

Captain Koji Saburo calculated the maximum effective range of his ship’s weaponry, he realize that three salvos from the main guns while moving at the same speed is all it takes for the secondary weapons to be in effective range. The cunning Captain smiled as he relayed his plan to each department, while each department replied their acknowledgement in return.
“Helm, stay in this course. Gunnery team set turrets and elevation at the data you have received.”
“Aye Captain,” replied the two crewmembers of the IJN Aoba.
“Aoba fighter wing, screen the IJN Yamato from the Reapers. Make hit and run sortie and try to disable their engines.”
“Aye Captain,” replied wing commander Takahashi Oyama, “You heard the Captain, armed beam cannons and open missile bays.”
As the pair of Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere super battleships passed each other, the IJN Aoba turned slightly to the right providing temporary cover for the IJN Yamato while forty fighters zoom pass them in two columns heading straight at the Reaper flotilla. At that moment the main guns of the IJN Aoba came to life, firing all fifty guns at the lead Reaper battleship. The first and second salvoes immediately caused the crash of the lead battleship’s shield. Then the secondary batteries joined in firing their massive mass driver cannons sending projectile warheads towards the lead battleship. The Reaper battleship’s bow exploded from the third salvo and the fourth salvo caught the rest of the battleship’s hull and superstructure. Thus the fourth salvo immediately causes a chain reaction that finalized the demise of the lead enemy battleship. A giant ball of flame erupted engulfing the lead battleship in flames. While the remaining battleship and dreadnought franticly veered away from the wreckage and debris of their fallen comrade, Captain Koji Saburo took the opportunity to target the last battleship.
“Target locked and all guns, rapid fire!”
Fifty main guns along with twelve mass driver cannons erupted, their deadly volley streaked towards the surviving Reaper battleship, and with the expertise of the Captain of the IJN Aoba each volley from every gun found their mark. The first salvo caused the destruction of half the enemy battleship’s shield strength, the second salvo annihilated the enemy’s shield strength causing it to collapse, while third salvo mauled half the hull of the Reaper battleship, and the final fourth salvo delivered the death blow. Another massive fireball erupted as the last battleship of the Reaper flotilla exploded leaving only the dreadnought.
“Helm, set intercept course to our last and final target,” ordered Captain Koji Saburo.
“Aye sir,” replied the helmsman as he skillfully weaved the gigantic super battleship towards their target.
You’re not escaping us. You have wanted this battle and now you shall finish it with me and this ship against you.
Captain Koji Saburo’s eyes narrowed as he thought out those words, the only thing he wanted to accomplish is the final enemy ship’s destruction. Forty fighters let loose their twelve missiles at the Reaper Dreadnought. Even with counter-measures the Reaper was not able to kill all the missiles. Out of four-hundred and eighty missiles launched only a hundred and fifty survived to punch through the dreadnought’s shield, soon the shield collapsed and the fighters streaked in firing their deadly beam cannons of laser, plasma, and ions.
“Take out the engine boys and girls!”
Lieutenant Commander Takahashi Oyama led his pilots as they weaved through immense anti-fighter batteries and fired at the gigantic dreadnought’s engine. An explosion rocked the Reaper Dreadnought, the engine collapsed, and thus leaving the dreadnought stranded in space. Though the attack was bold and courageous it was not without losses. Fifteen pilots gave their lives to knock the engine off of the Reaper Dreadnought.
“Aoba fighter wing, return to ship,” said Captain Koji Saburo, “You have done enough for this day, get on board, rest, and let us your brothers and sisters in the Aoba finish this fight.”
“Roger that Captain,” replied the wing commander, “Aoba fighter wing returning to base.”
Twenty five Galactic Zero-Zen Fighters turned about and streaked homeward forming up in a V formation. Their pilots tired, but glad that they have survived the carnage and are allowed to return back to base rather than suffer more losses.

IJN Yamato
Mid Decks
Far side from the Battle Zone

Captain Nobu Kodai inspected the damage done to his ship, with swiftness, discipline, and dedication the crewmembers of the IJN Yamato fought to extinguish plasma fires and regular fires all along the ship. Once the fire is under control, repair team immediately started to conduct make shift repairs until they can reach Yamato Sol. Medical personnel and volunteers from the ship’s store rooms and galley tirelessly searches for missing crewmembers or conducting rescues of trapped personnel.
“Captain, this sector is secured and the remaining sector will also be secured in a few hours,” reported his Damage Control Officer.
“Good job. Keep up the good work. Remember, we have taken out four of their battleships without any support from IDF Command. Be proud of that accomplishment,” Captain Nobu Kodai told his crew.
“Sir we are and always be proud to serve under you,” replied the crewmembers of the IJN Yamato.
His communication gear sounded and with a quick flick of a switch. Captain Nobu Kodai answered his comm.
“Captain, shall we set course towards the jump point to Yamato Sol?”
“Yes Commander Hiro Nishima. The IJN Aoba can handle this matter without our assistance. We are in need of dire repairs and our wounded needs a proper medical facility for proper care.”
“Aye Captain, we will set course and make a warp jump to Yamato Sol,” said the second in command of the IJN Yamato.

IJN Aoba
Command Bridge
Battle Zone

“Sir, enemy projectiles are coming in fast from the starboard bow!”
Captain Koji Saburo immediately focused his attention with the ship’s sensory system. With the aid of the enhance imaging sensory matrix he can see eight enemy projectiles streaking towards them at a high speed. The only hope they have aboard is to spread the damage onto their ship’s shield thus avoiding any hull damage.
“Helm, twenty-five degrees to the starboard side,” the Captain of the IJN Aoba ordered.
“Twenty-five degrees to starboard, aye Captain!”
By turning the gigantic warship slightly to the right will expose the ship’s undamaged portside shield. Each projectile detonated harmlessly as the shield absorbs the destructive blast.
“Sir, a salvo of high energy beam has fired from the enemy ship and is directed at our path,” another warning given by the Tactical Officer and his team.
The IJN Aoba again absorbs a devastating salvo of energy fire. With careful calculations, Captain Koji Saburo sent the data for elevation and angle to the gunnery team. Before the IJN Aoba can fire their primary and secondary weapons, two more salvos struck the warship. Unlike before each salvo was a combination of energy and projectile warheads. Such awesome firepower caused the failure of the Aoba’s shield.
“Fire the primary and secondary batteries now!”
Fifty Imperial Dragon Cannon and twelve Master Kannon Mass-Driver Cannon unleashed their devastating barrage. From a far, the Reaper Dreadnought sent their reply with sixty energy cannon and eighteen projectile launcher barrages.
“Main batteries and secondary batteries commence rapid fire!”
The IJN Aoba’s weapon batteries fired in succession, at the same moment seven energy warheads smashed through the ship’s armor followed by two projectile warheads. The explosion tore through every inch of the armor and through the hull. These explosions damaged the ship’s inner sections which decompressed the atmosphere of the affected area, the crews of the Yamato warship were thrown on every side by the explosion, and those caught by the suction of space were tossed and sucked out into the darkness. The Reaper dreadnought suffered the collapse of their shield after two salvos from the IJN Aoba which then smashed through the energy barrier.
“Fire again!”
IJN Aoba survived the Reaper ship’s deadly salvo and replied with three more salvos of its own. Forty-five energy warheads and eight projectile warheads tore through the Reaper ship’s hull causing internal damage within the warship and death to the crew in and around the damaged area. Two more barrage followed tearing through the hull causing secondary explosions as hydrogen and oxygen mixed and the energy blast or explosions from projectile warheads ignites the deadly flammable mixture. Explosion rocked the Reaper ship as it slowly peeled in space.
“Sir, enemy ship is severely damaged,” reported the Tactical Officer.
“Captain, damage to level ten to twenty-two is under control. I cannot promise a hasty fixer upper though sir,” reported the Damage Control Officer.
“Communication Officer, demand the surrender of the enemy vessel. Damage Control, do what you can. Gunnery Team, standby and do not fire until I give the order.”
“Aye Captain,” replied the crew whom the orders were given.
IJN Aoba’s Communication Officer repeated the demand for surrender for five minutes as the awesome super battleship closed in the distance. Eighteen devastating energy guns in six turrets shifted their angle and elevation for an accurate hit, while eight projectile cannons in four turrets do the same.
‘To the opponent we have that destroyed two of our battleships and crippled our ship. I have a response to your demand of surrender. Not a chance!’
The words echoed as they were broadcasted by the last surviving Reaper ship on open channel and in English the universal language of humanity.
“Sir, what do are your orders?”
Captain Koji Saburo paused as his mind raced for a proper and humane order to issue. Then a flash of light ended all possibility of a merciful gesture, at near point blank range the Reaper dreadnought’s main and secondary batteries tore out a third of the Yamato’s warship. Crew members were blown to pieces or were vaporized in the carnage while others were tossed into space by such powerful blast and thus suffering death by cold and suffocation.
“Gunnery teams open fire!”
IJN Aoba fired all batteries. A lone ball of flame engulfs the Reaper ship located alongside it. The gigantic warship’s thirty five surviving energy guns and eight surviving projectile launchers tore the dreadnought apart with their deadly and devastating warheads. The Reaper’s engine was destroyed completely and hydrogen fuel mixed with oxygen caused a chain reaction causing a giant explosion the atomized the dreadnought, an energy blast and projectile warhead’s explosion ignited the deadly mixture.
“Sensors, any sign for any survivors on our side and theirs?”
The Tactical Officer focused on his monitor as data was fed and is revealed to him.
“I’m sorry to say sir I have not detected any survivors.”
“Have a detail to go out and recover the bodies of our crew. They deserve a proper burial back home,” ordered Captain Koji Saburo, “Have the Damage Control Teams done what they can and have this ship jump capable.”
“Aye Captain,” replied his second in command as he headed to the exit and ensure that the order is carried out.
Captain Koji Saburo walked out of his command bridge and into the ship’s Captain’s Ready Room. He dropped onto the soft leather chair processing this day’s event and finally allowing reality to sink in that the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere is not yet prepared for such aggression nor it is capable of offensive operations outside of their sphere of influence. Such a lesson is costly and it is not by monetary or is it by rare commodity that is paid for such lessons in the universe, such costly lessons are paid in blood.

2nd part of the new sci-fi series.....Shattered Space


Long Beach, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

The new Space Battleships take on their role as the protector of their people, their families, and their home world.

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