All Mother's are the next greatest thing to God!....

She carried for 9 months, bearing all the unbearable aches and pains,
but she bared it,…….. she bared the biggest pain in her whole life, to bring me into this world.
She gave me a life, how so fascinating and great is the fact, that we formed within a body of a mother, then that body of a mother gave ‘birth’ and life to a living being..

She spends countless years nurturing and raising, yet when the child is in their 50’s,
the mother’s job to the child, still is unfinnished!. as to the mother her 50 yr old child, still looks like a baby to her.
Oh how great mother are you, to be patient all these never ending years for you.

Mother has never ending concerns and worries about her children.
Wether they are far or near, they always seem to be just there for her, right next to every heartbeat of hers.

That’s why all mother’s are so so special, let them know you always and forever will love them, forgive them, if they said anything wrong to you, or caused you unnessary pain, as they did’nt mean to……. they still gave us the biggest choice on this earth to live and experience life..

Oh mother how i do truly love you, nothing and no-one can ever replace a mother.


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