Hi everyone, i thought all others need to know something….
This was the first time that i had put up a collection like this of my work, for print.
I ordered my very first few prints on RB, out of curiosity to how they were going to turn out like.

Whilst waiting, impatiently…….. i could not help but snap up discounted priced prints, from other places, i got the whole lot done, just at 5p at some digital photo booth, which were i thought there okay ish…

then i got tempted on the net, where i found very cheap prints to be printed with free delivery, or even next day delivery, 2 more sites that offered buy 1 get 1 free, i went for it. dont ask me why,…………….. but i just did, thinking maybe i could make my own cards out of these prints. By now i got all of my prints from places i had ordered, together in a nice liitle pile, apart from RB…………

This morning i layed them all out, ready to give it a go, (make my own cards) since my proper RB cards are not here yet! ….. Looked at all of them on my floor, hmmmm they were not bad, and neither were they good! i stared and stared at all of them, comparing and comparing them next to each other, from the different companies, (please don’t ask me to name them, as give them the benefit of the day for being so cheeeeep!…..)

Looking at them again, everyone one of them, i felt abit sick in my stomach, and quite angry at myself, as how did i manage to do good art work but take so lousy pictures! damn me, damn my camera, damn my prints!, and oh crikey, there will be people buying these not so good prints of me on RB soon! i sighned and muttered ’ this can not be happening, i just want theee best for all my customers, not these lousy prints! then a knock knock knock on the door, its post man pat mummy! shouts sami (my son)….

ok…. why can’t he just shove the letter through the door, instead of banging so loud!
Aha the big padded letter must be from RB and so it was.

i took out the same prints that were printed from all the other places, exactly the same files on my computer, and there they were!!, CARDELLICS FROM HEAVEN!!!!! Prestine, Amazing, stunning, hot, beautiful, crisp, clean, vibrant, sealed neatly, packed beautifully, oh wow oh WOW oh WOW!!! and i just couldn’t believe how good they looked, it was the biggest relief knowing my buyers will get this sort of quality just the best from RB!

So Redbubblers, don’t get disheartened about your photography prints, if you go elsewhere!. You know where to get you’re stuff printed!, and feel assured they will be in such good condition and beautifully done by REB BUBBLE!


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