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I am a dreamer, artist, and mother. I dance in the rain, spend too much time reading books, and live for my family. I am a gypsy, poet,...

Recent Romance


I find it unnerving / how contorted / our minds become

handle with care

most don’t know / that i am broken


this delicious fire / feels so much sweeter / than….


these remnants of you / reach far beyond what / ever was of us


a noise grows inside of me

ashes to ashes

little pieces flicker off…

invisible ink

he closed his eyes and / asked her to read to / him the story that beats / from her heart to his
as eternal as the waves in the ocean by ShadowDancer Summer of 1979 by ShadowDancer softly waiting... by ShadowDancer

Bossni (Kiss me)

invade me with your mouth
it's there.. waiting to be found by ShadowDancer


I don’t want you to live inside / of me like a secret wind
some things just won't erase by ShadowDancer she dreams of him always by ShadowDancer

the way music can lose its shape

so with numb fingers and / and the curtain falling to the floor / I say we have played this song long enough


where delicate whispers / copied themselves and disappeared,
i want to drown in everything you are by ShadowDancer a whispered love story floating in the tops of the trees fingertips by ShadowDancer

the colors of lightening

He asked her / “Have you ever seen lightening / before it leaves the clouds?”

leaving winter behind

‘the past is the past’, so you say

lunar tides

my body is your moon / holding heaven inside of us

cutting the ropes from the fall

so I wound a rope around time / thick and plaited / then double knotted it with my soul
swimming in the sunlight, i will always fly back to you by ShadowDancer

the weight of life moving forward without you

butterflies make love on the tips of sunbeams

straight, with salt and a lime

I keep these days / you have left me / in a bottle of cuervo
when the sky is clear i can see your heartbeat from across the ocean by ShadowDancer as she rides into his sky by ShadowDancer

earth walker

I breathe in the stars, / and inhale their fantasy dust

at the brink

I’m dangling / on the edge of a cliff in my heart



l’oeil de la lune

tell me moon


Do you understand what / you did to me when / you poured your fire / over my hearts dry leaves?

Can you love, like this?

The rain never tells the earth / “you cannot live without me”.

the never ending dash

my heart has been running for some time


why did it take so long to find you? / my heart was for so long needing to feel / the beauty of tenderness like this

cumulus nimbus

no longer alone in the sky / my soul joins yours / two virgin-white clouds / swimming in inky blueness / feeling the warmth / of destiny on…

play it again, sam

breathe into me


Before I knew love / life was just air / suspended

to be your lover

you shining above me / lips parted

a purple crown of possibilities grows within my l…

my eyes are nearly closed / as they grow pregnant / from the visions that he has planted

the dragon storm

you are / an unwelcome hurricane


and I wonder why / the birds don’t hear / the noise in my heart

turning whiskey into nothing

there is a comfort / in talking to you / a warmth I still feel / despite my own misery


I can think of no sad songs / that will remind me of you.
i miss you in the memories we haven't made yet... by ShadowDancer


i am thankful for you / (in a way)


you once told me / that regardless of our love / mother river / always changes her course / leaving a trail of destruction / to create a ne…

a kiss of divine intoxication

your kiss is the divine wanting of my heart / for it is you who showed me how / to speak the language of the lotus moon
so alive... by ShadowDancer it's not just that it ended, it's that it was so easy for you to let me go by ShadowDancer

fast and furious

I feel it in the marrow of my bones / I feel you in the creases of my skin

fragments of a former love fool

your love came with a knife


As night descends upon us, the candles cast a luminescent glow / Our shadows dance along the wall, matching our bodies, nice and slow


insert your f***ing knife / across the yielding skin / of my forehead

the calming

cinnamon is growing in my bones

the “us” factor

the hidden multiplication / of my craving calculates / the tenderness in your soul / and replicates itself
islands float around my head... by ShadowDancer he promises her a castle in the clouds by ShadowDancer

contact (without my heart)

(my heart laid out on an empty page)


your voice cracks on my skin and / implodes into 10,000 watts


I lazily toss / my legs over the moon / hanging, waiting




get out of my head

fall from grace

Have you ever heard the sound of a leaf when it falls from a tree in solitude?
i am fire.. you will burn by ShadowDancer do you remember the day you told me you loved me? by ShadowDancer

The Secret River

I don’t want to be / some silly leftover romance / that started like a nuclear bomb / and ended without a whisper

my knight, my sculptor, my slayer

I beg of you with quiet whispers / do not abandon this blade, my lover

my fragile flowered heart

Like the angel-white petals / of a Jasmine turn towards / the scent of the golden rays / of her sun, I turn to you.

Surrender (part 2)

I will surrender, / and be without resistance for you.
time and space to breathe... (triptych) by ShadowDancer


My love is yours for the asking… / but I like to hear you ask, / I like to see you beg

The After

With infinite slowness, / the warm and sticky sweetness / of your love enveloped my being.
i want to go where you have been.... by ShadowDancer

The Divine and Unbearable Celestial Love Affair

She lay quietly, glistening, / the stars of her skin twinkle as his fingers pass / and he wonders what universe her mind is in / as he feel…

silent witness

when i hear those / sighs and / unguarded moans / i am coated, drunk, / intoxicated

Journey of Forgotten Flesh

You left in a storm and left me alone / to nurse myself back to health / amongst the shattered earth / and slices of forgotten flesh.


I met him long ago / needing someone / to dream of when bored


So, I did, / and how! / And how / it broiled my lips.
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