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I am a dreamer, artist, and mother. I dance in the rain, spend too much time reading books, and live for my family. I am a gypsy, poet,...

a fire dance in red velvet shoes (part 1-writing elements)

Staying in tune with my altruistic spirit of journaling heart strings I thought I would spend the last day of this year giving some love to my own lavendar-fairied heart.

I took my first quintessential tango on the bubble in order to illuminate the dance of words that tap dance on the back of my throat each day. It has been quite a silvermooned conga, this pouring out of dreams and thoughts and silly whims for all who join me on this rubycoated dancefloor to see.

In my first steps of frolic I fell and became a synonym for broken. I was taken to a boiling point so I began to hear the bird in my heart playing music in remembrance of eyes of copper and awakenings.

As the temp of the beat slowed, I felt the vortex of"ghosts": lumbering in buried places. Sometimes I called it quits, sometimes i simply reflected on past hurts, and other times i took journeys of forgotten flesh. I oft became a wanderer.

But I also learned the discovery of this moment, a wonderland of dreams, discovered my inner child, felt a snake in my throat, and found postcards and brandy to dine on. I also experienced grief and loss.

I surrendered over and over to the art of flesh, kisses, and adoration. This sexy salsa was played to the rhythm of love in a passage of nights, filled with multiple orgasms, being slayed again and again, and a gentle after.

My quintessential romantic nucleus brought sighs and fragments of feelings to my fragile flowered heart. I inhaled secret smoke, journeyd down a secret river that could not be extinguished by the lone spirit. I was elemental, divine, and most of all I became a Goddess.

You have all simply touched my soul with fire in a way I have never experienced before. This sharing, this rhythmic melody of creative synergy, has breathed new life into me.

2010 will be a new fragrance of pearly passion, an elliptical force spurring us forward within ourselves and each other. Happy New Year!

Love as always,
Pj… aka ShadowDancer

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