King tides, the last day of hols, and some new toys to play with!

Sadly it is the end of holidays for me. Today is my last day off after around 3.5 weeks or so of leave (I really shouldn’t complain, huh?!).

I decided to spend part of it by taking some shots of the massive king tide that has hit the east coast of Australia. I thought of some possible venues and decided that some shots of a Sydney icon might be a good idea – Bondi Beach and the Bondi Icebergs Surf Life Saving Club.

To make things a little more fun and interesting I also had a couple of new toys – a new polarising filter and a neutral density filter!

Anyway – I thought I’d share a small selection of the shots I took, starting with:

Bondi Beach – looking splendid for a surf or swim!

Here is a shot after playing around with a neutral density filter. Not sure if I like it that much…

  • *

Time to move on to the Icebergs pool. If you are scared of sharks (after very recent and very biased media stories) then these pools are what you need.

Mind you, with a king tide you could almost be forgiven for thinking that a shark may get washed up into the nearest salt water pool!

  • —*

Especially with waves like this….


And finally, this…..

If that scares you then perhaps you could imagine the pool under more smoother conditions, as portrayed with the trickery of a neutral density filter!

For example….

And the final photo for this journal….

If you have made it this far I’m very impressed!! You deserve to sit back with a beer and enjoy a well earned rest by the pool! Hope you enjoyed the shots. Nothing special but I had a lot of fun taking them!

Cheers Big Ears’ and hope to keep up the photo expeditions even if I am working flat out with a regular job!!

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