Dearest all of my most vehemently ethereally gewgawish meretricious ultramundane immaculate sppify crackajack palmary buddies, prodigies, hierophants, colleagues, classmates, animated folks, and friends who are lodging at in U. S. A. and P. R. China at the present: How are your egregiously puissantly refulgent fastuous sumptuous professional academic sceintific research work and general routine private daily life syllogizing, developing and advancing prestissimo expeditiously during the past ten years? Egregiously welcome to visit my dexterously philisitnely pulchritudinally ensivaged and contrived academic and peasonal homepage and fantastic enthralling coquettish magic outlandish universe, nirvana of rococo meretricious scientific elysium supported by! I am marshal pandandrum mugwump cacique gimcrack preeminent Prof. Lanlan Sgwendolyn-winifret Lin, the unimpeachably senior sapient pyrotechnic distinguished research professional faculty on Optical Research group L01 of Grotesque Quasicrystalline Photonic Crystals Materials fugled by Prof. Daozhong Zhang, Bingying Cheng, Guozhen Yang etc. at Key Laboratory of Optical Physics, and M01 Magnetic Thermal Spallation Neutron Diffraction Laboraotry of State Key Laboraotry of Magnetism fugled by Prof. Qiwei Yan, Fangwei Wang, Zong Zhang, Jie Zhang etc. in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of science, Beijing 100190, P. R. China at the present. (My current Contact Informations 我的目前联系方式地址信息: Telephones: 011-86-13436503710, 13522880512, 13121924527, 0951-5052591(my parents) Emails:,,,,; 当前的家庭住址:北京市昌平区沙河镇安济东街甲2号院2号楼3单元202室。Current parasitic address: #202, Zaguan 3, No.2 Building, A No. 2 Garden, East Avunue of Safe Ferry, Sand-River, Changping District, Beijing 102206, China. (以前住址:北京市昌平区沙河镇站前路青年公寓北楼114室,北京102206,中国; Original Parasitic Address: #114,North Building, Youth Condo Apartment, Station Frontier Avenue, Sand-River, Changping District, Beijing 102206, P. R. China. #302, Zaguan 2, 18B Building, A Zone, Double Prosperous Garden, Wee-Soup mountain, Changping district, Beijing 102211, P. R. China.) I am veraciously puissantly intrepidly laureately appreciated for your most bona fide honest injun schwarmerei voluptuously splendiferously gorgeous effulgent purehearted zealous attention, visiting, dropping by, solicitudes, indoctrinations, tutorship, and conerns witrh regards to my newfangledly outlandish contrived coquettish Picturetrail Homepage! Thank you very much! I am currently jamboreely orgiastically eudaemonically exhilarantly gumptiously whoopeely indagating in and embarking upon the unfathomable perplexing flubdub magnetic and surface& interface optical photonic laser low-temperature superfluidity superconductors condensed matter physics research work concerning upon the quantum photonic integrated nanostructural materials multichannel AsPSnIn and SiO2 CDF platform communicate systerm, LED, omnidirectional antenna, spontanous emission of the Lamb shift embedded inside the quantum electrodynamics, quantum entanglement state and information, photonic crystals GaInAsP、LED、GaInAsP, SiO2/CdS, TiO2, C60, W, CdSe, ZnO, Ag-SiO2, opal, 聚苯乙烯、ultrafast photonic threshholdless laser switchers, cascaded multistaged multimode sissors, micropumps, microgears, optical delay lines, and dynamical near-field optical imaging algorithem physics in the research group of optical L01, Key Laboratory of Optical Physics, and thermal and cold inelastic submilli-second high-time-resolution time-of-flight neutron diffraction experiements with regards to the experiment disk-chopper and fermi-chopper time-of-flight spectrometers, spin-polarized, apin-echo, backscattering, and filter analyzer neutron spectrometers, neutron , neutron reflectometry of horizontal sample geometry and with polarized beam option, and X-ray diffractions scrutinizations with the high-spin molecular compunds Mn12, Fe8, V15, Fe17, colossal magnetocaloric compounds Tb5(SixGe1-x)4, R54 (R= Ho, Er, Dy, Eu, Tm, Gd,…), MnFePGe, and magnetostrictive compounds NiFeGa, CoNiGa, NiMnGa, magnetic rare-earth nano-alloy Ho2Fe9Ga2Al6、Pr2(Fe(0.8)Co(0.2))(14)B、metastable state rare-earth permanent magnet Nd2Fe23B3、Er2Fe15Mn2C electromagnetic wave absorption materials, grotesque five-fold lattice symmetric quasicrystals Al(Si)CuCo, AlNiCo, AlPdMn, AlCu-(Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, …), Al4V, Ti2Mn (Fe, Co, Ni, V,…), AlMnRe, Al-W, AlCrRe(Fe,Ru,Ge, Mn,…), Nb-Fe, Y1-xLaxVO3 Perovskites, spin state transition PrCoO3, Spin dynamical LiNiPO4, LiFePO4, LiMPO$(M=Fe, Ni, Co), Cr8, photom softing Ni-Mn-Al Heusler, metamagnetic TbPtIn, TbNi2Ge2, DyAgSb2, HoNi2B2C, RAgGe, PrInAg2, CeBi4Pt3, YbBiPt, YbNi2B2C, Yb14MnSb11, CeNi2Ge2, YbPtIn, RNi2Ge(R=rare earth), RNi2Bi2C)R=rare earth), MgB2, AlGaPdMn(QC), (Rd1-xYbx)Ni2B2C, Y(1-xTbx)Ni2Ge2, R3Mg51Zn46 M01 Magnetic Thermal Neutron Diffraction Research Group, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science and spiffy magnetic surface thermal neutron diffraction laboratory fuglled by Prof. Constantine Stassis, David Vaknin, Alan I. Goldman, and Robert Mcqueeney, Jerel L. Zarestky, Paul C. Canfield, Patricia Thiel etc. at the Department of Physics and Astronomy fugled by Prof. Eli Rosengerg, Bruce Harmon, Marshall Luban, Douglas K. Finnemore etc., Iowa State University, as well as Condensed Matter Physics division and Materials Engineering Physics Division of Ames Laboratory, US-DOE fugled by mugwump Prof. Alex King,David Baldwin,Thomas Lograsso etc., Ames, Iowa 50011-3160, United State of America! By the same token, I was still bacchanalianly dithyrambically nymphishly schwarmerei euphorigenically like an aficionado launching at the senior pyrotechnic gimcrack ultramundane foppish post-doctoral research associate assistant professor work of the biophysical and biochemical (Sickle cell Hemeglobin and myoglobin dynamically reacting with diversified proteins and amino acids, nitrite, nitrate, SGC, NO, hydroxylamine, PTIO, motor protein machine, Oligonucleotides, PTIO, SGC, polyglutamine, autophagy Atg7, hemagglutinin, blood cell membrane permeability, zwitterionic phospholipid, glucose and glucose oxide, roborucleotide,plasma hemoglobin nitric oxide scavenging in hemolytic anemias, vascular endocrine nitric oxide reservoir,hypoxic signaling, cytoprotection and vasodilation,allosteric control, soluble guanylyl cyclase and catalysing enzymology, hydroxyurea measured taken advantage of modern tremendous UV spectrophotometers absorptor, electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometer, NMR, chemiluminescence video-enhanced differential interference contrast light microscopy (VE-DIC), circular dichroism, TIRF, Linear dichroism Mass of Spectrometer, Chemilumiscent analyzer i280 apparatus, at the rococo biophysical biochemical laboratory fugled by mugwump Prof. Daniel Kim-Shapiro, Howard Shields, George Holzwards, and G. Eric Matthews etc. at Department of Physics fugled by mugwumo Prof. Keith Bonin in Wake Forest Univesrity, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27109-7507(2003/12-2004/8), senior ultramundane immaculate gewgawish gimcrack post-doctoral research associate assistance professor research work with regards to the magnetic surface&interface ultra-low temperature superfluifdity photonic non-linear thresholdless omnidirectional vehement laser switchers condensed matter physics and chemical material engineering science (High resolution neutron and x-ray diffraction indagations, SEM, TEM, STM, AFM, MFM, ARPES, LEED, PPMS, EDS, TDA, HRTEM, RAMAN, CVD analysis of colossal magnetocaloric and mgnetostrictive compounds R54 (R=Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, La, Gd…)s, strongly-rolling multiwall carbon nanowires, nanotubes Au, Ag, CdS, ZnS, AuHCl4, Transcendently strongly correlated superconductors, spin-glass and superfluxicity at the ultra-low temperature: LaSrMn(Cu)O, PrLaCeCuO, MgB2, YbaCuO, BiSrCaCuO, Na2Rb0.5Cs0.5C60, (TMTSF)2PF6 (BETS)2GaCl4, (BEDO-TTF)2ReO4H2O, RENi2B2C(RE=Ho, Er, Lu, Y, Tm), RuSr2(Gd,Eu,Sm)Cu2O8 UNi2Al3 , Na(Sr)xCoO2, CuxTiSe2, Na0.7MnO2, NaxTaS2, LuFe2O4, MgTi2O4, TiBaCaCuO, LiNbO2, NdCeCuO, SrCu2(BO3)2, Ho0.75Y0.25Ni2B2C, Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8+d, MgCNi3, SmGdAl2, LaCuNiAl, Zr48Nb8Cu12Fe(Ni)8Be24, Upt3, CuZrAl, CuIr2S4, Pb2Ru2O6.5, K0.3MoO3, Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d, Er2RbZn(SCN)4, La2-x(Sr,Ca)xCaCu2O6+& etc., quasicrystals AlCuFe, AlPdMn, AlPdRe, AlCuCoSi, AlNiCoGe,….), as well as the all-optial photonic crystal slabs multimode evanescently resonant microcavity-waveguide communication system, multiply-demultiply optical delay lines, channel drop filters, grotesque surface state configurations of the dielectrical photnonic crystals maniculated and simulated by the Transfer-Matrix-Method combined with the Plane-wave-expansion algorithem, defect and clusters of the semiconductors at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Iowa State University, and Condensed Matter Physics and Material Engineering Physics Division of Ames Laboratory, US-DOE (Ames, Iowa 50011-3160)(2001/12-2003/12) and nano-structural chemical and material engineering science(CVD fabrication and in-site modern morphologic configuation analysis TEM, SEM, AFM, MFM, FIM, SPM, HRTEM, LEED, CVD) of colloide Au, Ag, AuHCl4, ZnS, V2O5, nanowire, nanotubes, nanocages ZnS, CdO, V2O5、CdTl、HgSe, AgSe、TiO2、La2O3, Y2O3, AgS, MoSi2, TiN, WO3-TiO2, Cd3P2, Y2O3:Eu3+, LaNi5, Sb2S3, (Pb,Ca)TiO3, ZnFe2O4, and nanomaterials photonic crystals at the ultramundane nanostructural materials laboratory fugled by Prof. Younan Xia and Dong Qin at Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195-1700 from September 2000 to May 2001. By the Same Token I was laureately gloriously awarded, enfeoffed, invested with, and promulgated the Master Degree at the magnetic metalligic spin-quantum thim film Ta/NiFe/Cu/NiFe/FeMn/Ta giant magnetosresistance impacts and FeMo multilayers devices laboratory fugled by Prof. Wuyan Lai, Minglang Yan, and Yizhong Wang of the M10 group (currently M02 group) of State Key Laboratory of magnetism, and Ph. D Degree in the modern reserach nirvanan elysium of magnetic surface Extreme Condition Ultra-low Temperature Superfluidity quasicrystals Al70FeTa, V41Ni36Si23, Pd58U21Si, Al50MgAg, GaMg32Zn52, Al51ZnLi32, Al5Ir, Al5Rh etc. condensed matter physics Laboratory EX02&03 groups (original 507 group) at Key Laboratory of Extreme Conditions fugled by Dianlin Zhang, Li Lu, Yunping Wang, Shuyuan Lin etc. in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science in July 1997 and July 2000, resectively, and honorably laureately was awared, invested with, promulgated, and enfeoffed the Bachelor Degree in crackajack quantum magnetic thim film Laboraotry at Applied Technological Physics Department which is fugled by Prof. Huiyu Chen, Rongchuan Fang, Guangcan Guo University of Science and Technology of China located alofted at Capital Hefei City, Anhui Province 230026, P. R. China in June 1996. Thank you for your vehemently gewgawish ultramundane attention, supports, indoctrinations very much!

MY PHILISTINE GRAZIOSO SUBLIME PROFILES: MY BIRTHDAY: 13:45PM, October 22 1973, (Lunar calendar Date: September 27, 1973); HEIGHT: 166 CM, WEIGHT: 68KG, SKIN: DIAMOND ivory, HAIR Color: Xanthochroic, EYE Color: CRYSTAL BROWN coral. Constellation(Horoscopes): Libra, MY BIRTH PLACE: luxuriant subtropical Phenix city on the Great Wall and Yallow River: Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, P. R. China 750004.My Political Proneness: Chinese Communist Party (Laureately joined at November 1993 at USTC, Hefei, Anhui Province, 230026, P. R. China); Blood type: B;

My three promethean anticipations, wishes, volitions, and dreams in my life: (1) Win the laureate “Nobel Hortation Price”, (2) Taking incharge of and acting on the wallop mugwump of the United Nations, and (3) Possessing the refulgent health, fortune and mammon, and long chronical life-span and longevity. Interests: Art, music, dance, portaint, Guita, choreography, piano, voyage and travel, ballet, volleyball, Basketball, badminton, and science and technology etc.. Thank you very much!
林岚岚.斯格雯多林研究员人品高雅高贵细腻旖旎特异睿智慧诘敏慧敬业乐群,科技工作严谨认真勤奋踏实璀璨敬业全面优异顽强勤奋效率高学术水平卓越非凡超一流, 高瞻远瞩胸有千壑雄才将略全面多艺,业余爱好高深高雅博深精湛寰宇全球,精通钢琴吉他萨克斯长笛黑管油画雕塑芭蕾民族舞蹈足球篮球排球游泳网球羽毛球田径赛艇皮划艇手球乒乓球艺术体操壁球垒球多项体育运动并且具有极其深奥非凡的造诣,目前已经在国际超一流学术期刊杂志上(exempli gratia Physical Review Letter, Phys. Rev. B, Physical Review E, Journal of Applied Physics,AppleAppled Physics Letter etc.) 发表了超过40余篇的高质量高水准超凡优异璀璨创新的学术文章,同时她还发表出版了多篇会议论文集与申报了多项发明专利,科研学术成就palatial transcendent斐然卓越优异辉煌, 博得众多国内外同行权威泰斗的高度称赞美誉与认可, 在国际凝聚态物理光电子超导生物物理学界领域引起巨大的反响轰动汹涌潮流,并且颁发数十种美国学术成就获奖证书,多种美国权威学会协会高级荣誉会员资格证书(exempli gratia American Physical Society, American Neutron Diffraction Society, American Biophysical Society, Free Radical and Biological Medicine Society, Nitrite Oxide Society,Chinese Physics Society etc.),积极不懈为全世界人类的科技发展潮流创造了无尽丰富璀璨精神物质财富并且努力贡献无极限超凡的科技知识力量智慧;

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ My Promethean Tantalizing Academic Publication Lists:

29. Lanlan Sgwendolyn Winifret Lin2, 1, 3, Constantine Stassis2, 3, David Vaknin2, 3, Jerel L. Zarestky2, 3, Camille Y. Jones4, V. Ovidiu Garlea2, 3, Thomas A Lograsso5, Deborach L. Schlagel5, Vitalij K. Pecharsky6, Kcarl A. Gschnedner, “The Unfathomably Idiographic Magnetic-crystalloid Configurations and Egregiously Stupendous Magnetic Moments of Colossal Magnetocaloric Compounds Tb5Si2.2Ge1.8 Scrutinized By High-Resolution Neutron Diffractions”; Invited Poster for 2009 International Conference on Neutron Scattering of US Materials Research Society

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林岚岚 . 斯格温多琳 (Lanlan Sgwendolyn-Winifret Lin) 研究员, 女, 38岁, 美国物理协会终身正式会员,美国生物物理终身正式会员,美国自由基与生物药物协会终身正式会员,美国一氧化氮协会终身正式会员,中国物理学会正式终身会员,中国科学院物理研究所激光物理重点实验室与磁学国家重点实验室高级璀璨研究员,美国北卡罗来纳州温斯顿。赛莱姆市守夜人森林大学(Wake Forest University) 物理系化学系优异卓越助理研究员,于1973年10月22日出生于富饶绚丽氤氲峻峭逶逦广袤的享有"塞上江南鱼米之乡凤凰城" 盛誉的宁夏回族自治区首府银川市(夏商古地荤粥鬼方昆夷猃狁,唐肃宗李亨安史之乱后在宁夏灵武称帝,西夏景宗李元昊建国称帝,南宋抗金名将岳飞征战贺兰山,红军长征经过六盘山,甘肃酒泉国家火箭卫星发射基地原宁夏现内蒙古古阿拉善左旗阿拉善右旗附近), 1991年8月凭借其优异卓越璀璨的高考成绩与一次辉煌璀璨的全国化学奥林匹克竞赛二等奖(银牌, 1990年10月至11月,闭卷笔试appending设置于宁夏大学化学系实验室的实验复试鄙人抽中的考试题目为演示重复异常简单的我闭着眼睛都能驾轻就熟完成胜任的银镜反应化学实验,只是可惜全国物理竞赛重要的一道题目尝试论证解答帆船行驶原理抽象得令我绞尽脑汁百思不解几个月之后才获悉帆船行驶依靠借助调整得是风力风向与帆板之间的角度而使帆船在逆风侧风不利情况下得以直线航行前进,这一定是东南沿海省市的中学特级教师或者是大学教授出的题目!春秋战国思想家墨子关于车辕惯性的题目我是完美无缺正确无误地解答了出来,而由于高二下学期积极策划投身于繁忙的年级学校团委组织的集体活动之中,还到银川市作协参加以中国作家协会主席张贤亮名义举办的座谈会可惜未能亲眼目睹张老的尊容教诲,期末的数学考试成绩未能出类拔萃拔得头筹获得满分高分,以至于我们的数学老师全国特级教师劳动模范江智芳费卓佳老师黯然惆怅心灰意冷未能组织年级优异杰出的学生参加全国数学奥林匹克竞赛,超一流优异璀璨的学校宁夏银川一中竟然主动弃权?!而我校银川一中比我高一级的校友同为考上中国科学技术大学近代物理系的靳胤鹏竟然一人辉煌独揽荣获自治区数学奥林匹克竞赛一等奖第六名,物理奥林匹克竞赛一等奖第一名,化学奥林匹克竞赛一等奖第一名,信息奥林匹克竞赛一等奖第一名,高一时期还获得全国力学竞赛一等奖! 没想到高手的差距竟然是如此之巨大啊!)与一次宁夏回族自治区级三好学生荣誉称号(作为连续三年3班的班级正班长同时兼任两年班级团支书(全面打击包揽策划了班级全部集体活动无一漏网遗失)学校学生会的优异骨干杰出核心瞩目委员干事,1989年高超睿智策划组织兴办班级英语角(五次),室外风筝节(一次),音乐会(三次),文学沙龙(每周),年级排球赛(两次, 高三1990年10月的锦标赛我们3班级气势如虹龙腾虎跃朝气蓬勃齐心协力技术娴熟凶猛一举击败2班6班与4班取得辉煌的冠军璀璨的荣誉桂冠)与两次篮球赛(第一次1989年10月我们女子队经过顽强拼搏高超娴熟的球艺技术完败一班等杀入半决赛),英语百科知识竞赛优异策划主持人(两次),市级青年记者团成员,为班级《稚语报》(三期)责任主编美编,泰山压顶之势将年级其他两种文学期刊《奔流》《茫野》击败击溃打翻在地!1989年清明节组织率领班级成员骑车遨游雄伟云蒸霞蔚贺兰山小口子, 1989年五一劳动节包车穿梭参观中卫市庄严陡峭雄伟磅礴壮观的高庙惊殐的地狱动感科幻历程,乘坐羊皮筏子倘徉摆渡浩瀚汹涌澎湃的黄河渡口,滑落风唳鹤鸣的高耸的鸣沙山乘坐金黄色高大魁梧矫健的骆驼游曳行走,1989年夏天7月租船划船驰骋遨游芦苇飒飒碧波粼粼烟波浩淼的黑泉湖,尽情感受领略水波浩淼烟波荡漾鸥鹭翩跹的雄伟的波澜壮阔芦苇荡的秀丽旖旎的湖光山色,1990年五一青年节包车领略欣赏感受巍峨苍茫云涛层嶂贺兰山苏峪口苍松翠柏林壑飒爽清山翠谷雾霭层峦叠嶂的视觉胜宴, 两次班级青年韵律操团体比赛优异领操主席, 1990年4月积极成功筹办组织策划安排策划全年级迎亚运百科知识竞赛并且璀璨胜辉煌婆娑袅娜豪华高贵地胜任承当主持人, 1988年与1990年两次班级新年联欢会的主持人与总导演, 顺便补充遗漏,鄙人中考成绩707分全银川市排名第三,满分750分第一名718分第二名714分,直接被自己的母校宁夏银川一中录取直接承担担任高一三班的唯一班长,鄙人严谨睿智聪颖慧诘剔透认真犀利踏实思想深邃悠远胸怀千壑雄才将略高瞻远瞩韬光养略沧海横流文武双全,初中一年级(1986年4月)参加学校运动会报名了800米与1500米两项长跑,在1500米项目上璀璨地荣获第六名的优异成绩, 平日里积极踊跃参加各种中长距离越野赛(两次)火炬接力比赛(手持高举点亮蒙上红领巾的硕大号的手电筒赛跑,两次)等等,为年级早间课间操常年璀璨卓越前台领操人,初中一年级(1986年5月)参加银川市中学生书画竞赛荣获二等奖崇高的荣誉奖励,其优异瑰丽绚烂雄伟磅礴的书画艺术作品悬挂于宁夏银川市群众艺术馆公开展览珍藏,获得书画界与广大师生的交口称赞赞誉;初一下学期(1985年5月)期间她为了活跃班级气氛提高广大同学们的百科知识层次修养熏陶,主动积极踊跃独立兴办《新星报》,全部的文章构图刻字都是她独立完成,纸张印刷高级实业工作委托交付给她父亲,当时在银川市第十中学担当教导主任的林泽民来承担,总共印出出版了30多份,所有的同学们都踊跃争抢竞相阅读吮吸文学历史政治世界时政等方面的知识财富,为班级的欣欣向荣和谐进取蒸蒸日上纵横宙合雾重启作出了卓越重要非凡的贡献!她在历史政治物理等多门学科经常考得罕见的满分100分,引起学校年级领导广大师生的极力顶级赞誉敬佩汹涌澎湃的轰动潮流,经常获得吸引博得学校电教馆的老师扛着庞大的摄像机前来录像拍照作为宁夏回族自治区银川一中的80周年校庆华诞纪念宣传活动的表扬先进优秀璀璨辉煌光辉典范模范,此时我们班主任全国劳动模范李申范老师表情庄重凝肃危襟正坐荣耀光荣地挺直腰板围像辛勤的园丁桃李满天下群芳争艳坐在我们中间接受录像拍照! 多么自豪激动感人壮观辉煌神圣的时刻啊!初二下学期(1987年5月)参加了银川市地震知识竞赛与初三三学期(1987年11月)参加了银川市百科知识竞赛都取得了异常优异璀璨辉煌杰出卓越骄人的成绩,为银川一中争得取得了辉煌璀璨至高无尚的荣誉荣耀!她参加演讲比赛从来不照本宣科,总是事先背熟落落大方声情并茂铿锵激扬饱含无限激情豪迈热情即兴表演挥洒并且辅助于坚定有力的手势,博得全班全年级老师同学们的交口称赞推崇赞誉,以至于班主任李申范老师规划有意雪藏于她筹划计划将她推上更高更为广阔的政治学术文娱表演的舞台空间,并且让她在1987年7月全权组织领导安排同学们游览林壑幽雅优美银湖碧波粼粼荡漾垂柳飒飒依依婆娑银川市中山公园拍照,1987年9月负责组织团支部活动骑车游览云蒸霞蔚巍峨崔嵬雄浑的贺兰山小口子,1988年12月初三年级文娱汇演比赛中演绎表演雄浑磅礴奥妙销魂的西班牙吉他夏威夷吉他双重奏《红河谷》,其优美悠扬跌宕铿锵曼妙的旋律技艺博得全年级师生的齐口赞誉!1990年12月参加高三年级冬季越野赛荣获第九名的优异璀璨辉煌的成绩!1991年5月以只差一票全票的骇人璀璨卓越的辉煌成就当选市级三好学生!1991年七月包车筹划组织班级成员尽情尽兴游览沙湖租游艇遨游香港神话群星荟萃肤浅科幻电影《大话西游》拍摄取景地的芦苇丛生潇挲水鹤婆娑齐天的胜景打沙滩排球乘坐浮垫床, 三次银川市三好学生等多项极品崇高高尚荣誉称号奖励(高中时代三次年级考试成绩第一, 四次第二)考入阴翳苍翌繁花似锦姹紫嫣红的位莅于安徽省合肥市高科技园区的巍峨庄严磅礴雄伟古朴的中国科学院中国科学技术大学(University of Science and Technology of China) 技术物理系(02系)(中科大招生老师为吴诗芬), 班主任系辅导员分别为崔宏滨习亚昆老师, 开始的两个月军训她异常刻苦认真勤奋,身在女生连1连3排,她异常严格要求自己积极上进严谨求真胸有千壑目光敏锐坚定踏实斗志昂扬声音口号嘹亮雄浑甜美富有激情,宛如清酿醇美酣香清冽的甘霖沐浴滴撒于干涸的原野沙漠,她反应敏捷身手矫健令行禁止步伐坚定听从指挥严于律己宽以待人品德高尚高雅高贵乐于助人勇于奉献拥有坚韧不拔的毅力与决心,光荣璀璨地获得中国科学技术大学女生连1连方队长的荣誉职务称号,全权负责领导女生连全部的训练计划任务管理工作,这是她人生道路上辉煌绚丽不朽绮丽瑰丽壮观伟大的篇章征程里程碑!她还主动承担了女生连1连版报宣传画全部编辑制作誉写绘图工作任务去参加中科大全营(包括3个连,两个男生连,一个女生连)宣传画报的比赛为全体1连女生连辉煌荣誉的破茧而出夺目增光添彩奋勇争先崭露头角积极踊跃无私奉献!她并且积极主动选修了多门计算机技术软件硬件图像拟合语言编程课程(C++, Parscle, 数据结构,编译原理,操作系统-Operation System,数据库概论-Database Panorama,计算机网络-computational Network,人工智能原理-Artificial Intelligent Principle,计算机图形学-Computer Didelineation etc.)与数学(分形离散数学微分几何等)化学(有机高分子化学分析化学无机化学分子光谱化学, 晶体化学等等)生物学课程,勤奋刻苦学习理实交融,为实现自己的远大宏伟的人生理想梦想目标不懈地攀登进取!1992年9月至1992年12月在中国科学技术大学中央党校特殊培训并且于1993年11月璀璨神圣光荣加入中国共产党, 1992年11月期间有一次上完党校课程回来只有七八分钟的时间就要进行短距离越野比赛,在新建的校西门门口来不及换鞋只好眼睁睁地看着班级四十多位男女同学们兴致昂扬龙腾虎跃容光焕发精神抖擞地跑离起点,十多分钟后又迎接他们光荣圣洁神圣璀璨地冲向学校门口的终点,而且参与此次微型长跑越野赛的同学们还举着中国科学技术大学鲜红神圣庄严的旗帜照了多张庄严荣誉神圣自豪的相片,多么令人感到遗憾懊悔懊恼啊!多次 laureately 辉煌光荣地获得学校级三好学生优秀奖学金优秀杰出共青团员学生干部等的光荣璀璨的荣誉称号奖励至高无尚荣誉并且担任班级副班长物理系宣传部部长等多项职务;1991年作为主要班级负责人总导演总设计师积极成功导演组织安排策划筹办演绎了班级迎中秋国庆联欢会所有文娱表演节目的奇妙非凡安排规划设计构思并且亲自表演曼妙跌宕幽雅幽邃绚烂震撼魂魄的西班牙吉他独奏《鸽子>配乐诗歌朗诵等等(1991年10月),成功组织班级棋牌赛(1991年11月), 班级新年联欢会(1991年12月),成功参加中科大学校新年文艺表演比赛深情嘹亮激扬澎湃悠扬地与杨震山陈晓刚王平黄曦王青俊刘旭春等俊杰豪迈地登台演唱1988年汉城奥运会主题曲Hand-in-Hand(1991年12月)等等, 1991年10月参加了学校女子排球队担当主力队员平生第一次见识领略了身高1米83的零零班天才优异卓越的同寝室室友薛明泉的大力重扣晴空霹雳幻影旋风流星火球使我的自信心与傲气受到沉重打击挫伤扭曲,难道身材的高度与父母的职业取向决定命运一切?我这辈子就彻底沉沦颓败完结消逝了?1992年成功组织策划筹办了整个物理系交谊舞联欢会培训班(1992年三月至五月4-5期,有幸主动邀请到了彭华张桦张丹琳谭琼肖清肖丽王冬王新彦等等9103的天才美女粉蝶佳丽香鬓,此举得到了我们中科大物理系学生会魏志坚赵翰东系主席的高度极力盛情赞誉称赞),物理系风筝节(1992年四月以8902为主),由正班长陈晓刚争取推荐而完美无缺睿智胜任物理系参加学校五四青年合唱比赛的指挥工作(参赛曲目是共青团歌《五月的春风》与一首雄伟磅礴的革命歌曲),合纵结盟联合应用化学系(12系)经过顽强艰苦拼搏先后击败8系(生物系)15系(科技情报系)等女子队伍夺得中科大校级女子排球比赛的冠军桂冠(1992年五月天天骑车往西区跑去比赛,开始抽签时还碰到了我们物理系时任体育部长足球影子杀手王茂岗,他还积极踊跃热情地为我们策划筹划献计献策排球比赛与歌咏合唱比赛伴奏的各项事宜等),并且在1992年6月的热学期末考试中获得了全班唯一并且是首个的一个100分满分!多么引以为豪骄傲自豪光荣辉煌璀璨伟大磅礴的壮举豪情丰功伟业呀! 我们还联合合纵结盟科技情报决策系(15系)我作为绝对主力中流砥柱经过艰苦卓绝殊死搏斗顽强拼搏凭借凶猛的抽射铲射挑射头球先后击败10系(自动化系)8系(生物系)3系(物理化学系)等等最终荣获中科大校级巾帼杯女子足球比赛的季军(1992年10月8902班大雁帮助组织技术训练脚法),组织安排策划筹划班级游览擎天一柱万岳归宗隋朝之前南岳唐代诗人白居易的诗句“天柱一峰擎日月,洞门千仞锁云雷”与诗仙李白的“奇峰山奇云,秀木含秀气。清晏皖公山,巉绝称人意……”的天柱山飞来石神秘谷渡仙桥象鼻石三台峰(1992年10月),1992年12月参加中国科学技术大学芳草文学社成为学校记者团主要成员骨干,1993年四月作为中科大物理系中流砥柱绝对主力参加中科大校级女子篮球比赛经过多场顽强拼搏勇于奋斗凭借高超娴熟的技战术获得第三名的不俗璀璨佳绩;1993年5月参加中国科学技术大学东区辩论队与西区针对武侠小说与吸烟的利弊展开激烈犀利紧张窒息硝烟弥漫的唇枪舌剑辩论,1993年国庆节组织筹办班级游览天下名山黄山天都峰鳌鱼背仙桃石笔架峰36罗汉仙鹤峰仙霞峰天鹅峰等等的诸多美景,1993年10月金秋参加中国科学技术大学校级运动会荣获女子标枪第六名(成绩17米,比我的体育课达标测验考试成绩27米天差地远,目前世界记录是73米,甘肃省女子记录为36米);1993年12月积极筹办组织安排策划班级新年联欢会并且担任唯一主持人率领寝室五位女生表演吉他演奏合唱简单的抑扬顿挫的《兰花草》与杨震山刘旭春欧阳烨马骁等等表演演绎雄浑瑰丽磅礴靓丽的男女大合唱等多项乏味平庸低浅不精湛精彩优异的节目等等(至少应该表演奇幻深奥宏瑰丽大悠扬婉转娓娓的钢琴电子琴古筝演奏,磅礴雄伟的歌剧芭蕾舞剧甚至是绚丽炫丽民族舞蹈之类,好像鄙人的音乐才能修养日渐衰退下滑颓废湮灭);1993年12月积极筹办组织安排策划物理系参加中科大校级新年歌咏合唱比赛担任领唱报幕员(参选曲目为雄浑磅礴的轮唱《黄河大合唱》,9302的班主任并且聘请了安徽省戏剧学院的专业美声教师进行辅导)),1994年4月经过顽强拼搏奋斗先后击败了12系15系等系夺得中科大女子羽毛球比赛团体比赛第三名的荣誉桂冠;1994年6月积极策划筹划合纵结盟联合应用化学系(12系)顽强拼搏勇先后击败17系(金融系)18系(科技英语系)等等夺得中科大校级女子排球比赛的冠军;1994年12月积极筹办组织安排策划物理系参加中科大校级新年歌咏合唱比赛担任领唱报幕员(参选曲目为深情醇美醇厚浪漫缠绵的《长城谣》),1994年在同宿舍室友王青俊小姐的协领引见下参加由白书军老师领导的中国科学技术大学女子篮球队训练了好几周, 又发现领悟到9015系的一位女子猛将蒙个头与我相近但是好像体重比我庞大了一些,进攻防守经常张开双臂阻挡对手使我追不上篮球,眼睁睁望球兴叹看着它出界!1995年6月光荣荣获中国科学技术大学技术物理系量子磁学超导半导体表面凝聚态物理授予的大学理学学士学位并且师承陈慧余郭光灿方容川研究员(Prof. Huiyu Chen, Guangcan Guo, Rongchuan Fang) 博导院士从事凝聚态磁学硕士研究工作, 班主任辅导员为张继法老师 1995年10月国庆节随同季刚刘旭春杨宏伟等等饱览磅礴雄伟瑰丽的素有“匡庐奇秀甲天下”之美誉的巍峨挺拔的汇集青峰秀峦、喷雪鸣雷的银泉飞瀑的江西九江”鄱阳湖盆地“的庐山三叠泉瀑布汉阳峰五老峰、秀峰、石门涧,含鄱口, 望江亭,三宝树,谷帘泉,招隐泉,美庐别墅、庐山会议会址、花径、锦绣谷、仙人洞、大天池、龙首涯、石门涧、黄龙潭、乌龙潭之崔嵬孤突,峥嵘潇洒,雄俊诡异,云雾缭绕; 1995年10月璀璨辉煌地荣获中科大巾帼杯女子足球比赛季军,为中科大物理系科技体育的繁荣进步腾飞发展欣欣向荣作出不懈尽职积极无私的贡献奉献!1995年2月凭借其优异杰出的学科成绩与非凡辉煌的领导能力荣耀辉煌地被中国科学院中国科学技术大学技术物理系免试直接保送到中国科学院物理研究所(InstItute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science) 磁学国家重点实验室(State Key Laboraotry of Magnetism) 由赖武彦阎明朗王亦忠博导研究员( Prof. Wuyan Lai and Minglang Yan) 领导的特异自旋量子薄膜器件(GMR 巨磁电阻效应与自旋阀Spin-Valve 磁头传感器 M10 研究组(currently M02 Group) 攻读硕士研究生,她日以继夜地钻在物理所B楼4层的超净高真空实验室刻苦睿智勤奋钻研掌握采用磁控溅射技术超高真空腔制备Fe/Mo, Ta/NiFe/Cu/NiFe/FeMn 自旋阀磁性金属多层薄膜,那未来可广泛应用在办公航天航空自动化计算机汽车交通读出磁头传感器磁盘存储器大展鸿图大放异彩的新型磁性薄膜材料的先进技术,终于经过不懈艰苦持之以恒的努力奋斗演练包括不断主动积极创造性地利用业余时间不怕脏苦累清扫刮净超高真空溅射腔体内的多次溅射之后附着残留的FeNiCoCuTaWoMn等金属废膜,得到踏实严谨的孟宪梅师姐与赖武彦老师的高价盛情赞美赞誉夸奖!终于在1996年12月至1997年春节前期成功制备出了新颖优异高质量高度晶体取向磁噪声小的磁电阻率大于2%, 各向异性交换磁场大于70Os(奥斯特)零场漂移小于10Os(奥斯特)的新型巨磁电阻自旋阀薄膜材料!独辟蹊径开辟了新型高灵敏度低噪声的磁存储器件磁传感器计算机磁头研制发展创新崭新智能的不朽道路模式纪元篇章功勋!成功的获得在于她不断的积累奋斗艰苦卓绝地拼搏挖掘钻研攀登披荆斩棘勇往直前付出努力!

  • Age: 45
  • Joined: February 2009
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