Sukhwinder Flora

Manchester, United Kingdom

Sukhwinder Flora’s poetry feature, “Carried in the Wind” exposes realms of existence trapped between the past and...

Featured Art and Poetry

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Chasing ghosts in the night

Some kneel and press palms / Some play a track / Walking into some oblivion / Never looking back

My voice

The longer i stay / The more i know / That i dont belong / In places where ticking of clocks / Are in sync with hearts beats

My Other Self

And at times I see what I missed / The unfeeling kiss / The loveless, indifferent, majestic bliss / At times I see / What I cannot / With…


Beneath this veil / Where your mortal eyes / Will never touch these / Flaming tears of gold…

Falling To Rise (Inspired by ‘The Black Sw…

Weaving a riddled truth / From her sweet sun stained tears / And splintering kisses. / In her midnight black feathered sight / A meaning …

Ghost Heart

Through the cracks / To my spectre skin / The light shone in / Making whole / This veil of a body / By being yourself / You helped my soul…

The Silence Eternal

There were two Suns / Two dawns / From two minds / Two resurrections


…The phases break / Among old stones / A bird, a broken branch / Us strolling hand in hand / All signs say you’re the one..

Blind by the vision

Lost in the fever / Of wanting to find you / My soul friend

The Old Ways

So I crawl / Out of sight / And out of mind / And out of touch / With the ones / That I’m supposed to love

Im the dreamer in his song

But all my life I’ve known / We’re not the only ones / I’m the dreamer in his song / But I’m only a shadow of you /…


There are dreams to walk / And paths unpaved / There’s hope / No matter how small

All I really know

A seeker trying to find her own mind / A love left behind and undefined

Wild Winds

Sometimes I feel / Another being awakening / In my body

Leting go

Perhaps, the flowering of feeling / Through harmonies of the heart

Its no coincidence

And in his kisses are eclipsed / That same nothingness which / Moves from ecstasy to bliss ….

A path unfolding

I saw in you the same fire the burns the heart of the sun….

I’ll be the light

..She knows the words and sings the songs / Forever moving forwards / To go back where she belongs..

The Waves

Laying in a lapse of loaded thorns / And roses scent, smiles and tears

Eyes on eyes (Poem and song)

A city in the lake / I learn to drown / Just so that i can breath

Hieroglyphic Sisters

And my soul was torn asunder / And the child that would have been born / Vanished in the shifting distance / Of my dream

Past life

Calling me / Like Lazarus returning

Im in the purple, that’s deep in you

I’m in minor / I’m in blue / I’m in the purple / That’s deep in you

My Mother Understands

Like the silence of a stone / Sitting heavy, still / And alone

When I’m raw, I’m ripe

Ive learnt that when / Im ripe im raw / When im raw im ripe / Ive learnt to give in / And self-combust / Instead of fight

4am Tidal Wave

For some people / Their words are their eyes / And their vision is dissected / And the dissection is undetected


It’s in our names / Its in our blood / Like Ivy and vines / Intertwined

Stone Child

You assumed to know / What I feel / And based / Your decision to part / On your assumption / Of knowing my heart

The War on Drugs

I have a piece of string / Around my wrist / It represents / A bond / A connection / That we can’t see / Exists


In these few seconds / All but truth has ended
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