my sweet

I am that crazy in love with my Girlfriend! yes, i admit, that i am a very horney boy! and yes i admit that i’m only 14 and should not be thinking about this(15 on March 18th. WOO! drivers permit! now i can drive my Baby to the super market! WOO!) but i am sooooooooooooooooo addicted to her ass, if only you could see it yourself, and yes that is ALL i think about! i would buy her the world if i could!

however i digress, i guess i could just write about our crazy antics, like this one time that she let me rub her naked, wet back with my chin, and my hair kept rubbing against her, and she kept moaning, i don’t know if they were moans of pain or pleasure but i know they made my pants tight!

my girlfriend is not a slut, she only let me do that because i begged her.(i’ve never even seen her naked…i’ve seen her topless but she was wearing a bra…sweet)

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