i dont know

heyy…im having a wonderful day, i was fine this morning woke up round 10ish am…went sorter bak to sleep woke bak up got dressed..then da person sleeping over left at 1..so then i got bored, came on msn…started talking to ma ex…which ma bf at the time, braught up a stupid conversation and a few mins later he dumped me cuz he thought i liked another guy which i dont…i dont think, and then he blocked me too so i dont fucking know whats going on and ma friend chewy wasnt talking to me and when i was going out with ma ex jayden…and he still isnt talking to me, and i got dumped…and ma other friend tommie isnt talking to me…he was busy working and i dont know if i mad him angry or i dont know….maybe hes just still busy with his work or something…. i dont fucking know! and ma other ex deleted me off his contact and he said we were friends i dont know whats going on there….i got msn plus i can check who has me or who doesnt..i dont hack into peoples msn addys thats just fucked up. i would never do something like that, and well i dont know whats going on…every started getting awkward and confusing after that night with izaak….but yeah i dont know whats going on with me or anything anymore…i just cant think straight and i made a realization when i was writing a blog in ma myspace last night and yea..i didnt even know it till ma friend tommie said i made a realization or whatever in his comment…so odd! never made a realization or whatever before, i dont think…i guess i dont really pay much attention to ma conscience or ma inconscience…or whatever ma friend said…..i cant remember i have bad memory sorter….some bad memories i remember others i forget, some good memories i rememeber others i forget aswell…but i dont know what im on about right now actually hahaha…weirdo me, always going insane and crazy and talking about stuff i dont know im talking about…at the same time, so fuck do i know what this really is about.. ma friend still isnt talking to me, matter a fact no one else is taking to me i have 3 convos up and no one is talking to me….and no one talks to me by them selves i most the time HAVE to start the convo….i dont know why, anyways i could write on and on and on about stuff i dont know im writing about, but i have stuff to do..well not really actually i got nothing to do, but i dont really wanna tallk on this thing forever… xo

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