dont know anymore

love…does anyone really know what it is? honestly do they? cuz if someone knows please tell me, im getting all different things of love…ive been used and cheated on…im not sure anyone really knows what love means…honestly i dont.
what is love someone that sticks by you and doesnt put you down and be mean or whatever….friends are that too….ohh i dont know what im saying i relly dont, this is all so confusing for me, this is sorter what happen to my blog on myspace….it was ment to be about something but turned out to be something totally diff i think…..not quiet sure, and this was ment to be something and is now something totally diff too..Lol, i didnt sleep one wink last night…soo im super tired, and i dont know if im going to sleep at all tonight, hope i do, im real tired. anyways maybe i will write another thingo like this but better and actually stick to the damn topic instead of doing the opposite..and totally going off the topic or whatever,, but when i feel better i will write another one on the topic, i hope lol..xo

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