ok dont really have anything to write in this tonight….but um i just wanted to say like umm…i love all my friends and um, i will always stick by them and i hope they will always stick by me…not so sure if you HAVE to write poetry in here, but at the moment i cant think of anything to write…sex is in my mind, but dont really have any peotry for that right now lol.. friends are in ma mind but i guess i need sorter a you know sentence starter or something, i sometimes need those not alot though just some times…ohh theres this guy i sorter like….well like hes ma friend….but i just like him i tinsy bit mabybe not sure yet…hes real cute and lives round the corner from me, but im not sure i should like ask him out, he might regect me and whatever…i dont like getting regected, i think he just likes me as a friend….GAH i dont know what to do… HELP!!!!!

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