L.O.V.E broken

you were my love, my whole world, but from that day we went crashing down, the only think i can think about is being together in your bed, together forever. yes i still love you, but i dont care if you dont love me back, all i want is to dream about me and you, without that skank in our lives, you love her now and thats what matters, your happiness..it doesnt matter about mine at the moment, ill find someone new. we had sex and made out and did whatever else, but you know what i guess it was just that and thats all you wanted but when i said i didnt want to do it anymore that was it and i was gone, just like that in a snap of a finger. i thought you loved me but all you wanted was sex, so i gues that skank is in your life forever and i’ll never be in your life again..awell forever gone from your dreams, forever gone from your mind forever gone from anything to do with you..so long my love. have fun with your skanky bitch, shes good for you and you know that too, so have fun and not give a damn im here waiting for your hand and heart to come back to me.

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