Friday the 13th has STRUCK AGAIN???

I apologize to all the journal-haters out in RedBubbleLand. I had a Friday the 13th experience that has made my YEAR! As I got on my email this afternoon I was surprised to see I had made a sale on RB. I immediately thought oh goody I’ve sold another “Psycho Scream” sticker(a big seller with psychologists, anger management gurus, and politicians). I do appreciate the sales of those stickers! Well it wasn’t a sticker! It was 18 works of mine. Expecting a typo I read it again! Maybe there is another me somewhere and we somehow got mistakened? No! It was me allright and I’ve discovered aspirin does not relieve a swelled head. I have sold 2 photographic prints and 16 4×6″ greeting cards. I feel like I need to start taking this ART stuff seriously. I want to thank all that had anything to do with this and everybody that didn’t. I believe I know the seller, I referred her to RedBubble when she was interested in my art for her shop.
“Praise the Lord!”
This is the breakdown:
1 “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” photographic print,
1 “Cast Into the Wind” photographic print,
3 “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” greeting cards,
3 “Quest for Life” greeting cards,
4 “North Carolina 1939 the Depression” greeting cards,
2 “Backyard Music” greeting cards,
2 “Rice Farm” greeting cards,
2 ’Dangerous Bridge" greeting cards.

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