A homepage feature! This is my third one since joining, and I’m always so surprised and honored when that little notification pops up on my activity monitor. Thank you RedBubble, for making my day!

In other news… I’ve been feeling a little photo-anxious lately, life has been too busy, the days too short, for me to really get to work hardcore on some photo taking, but I’ve been scouting locations like crazy.

The trees here are starting to change color now. I love this time of year. I’m hoping to make it up to Devil’s Lake State Park while the leaves are still “in bloom”, as a friend of mine would say. It’s about time I got up there anyway, with as long as we’ve lived in the area now… always seems like there’s something more important to do.

I also discovered a leaning barn about 20 minutes north of here, I’d like to go photograph that some evening too, it’s really pretty amazing that the thing is still standing with as far over as it’s arching. I imagine the weight of this year’s first good snowfall will bring it to it’s knees so I really should get up there with my camera soon.

I’ve done a couple of portrait shoots in the last few days, they’re keeping me occupied until I can get a few days where my husband has off of work so I don’t have to tote my poor toddler around on, what must be for him, a very boring photo hunt with lots of riding in the car.

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