RB finalist for the 3rd time!

Hello new and old followers,

The voting for who gets to be the next artists in residence for redbubble is closing tomorrow! I’m sure that some of you know that I’ve been a finalist three times in a row which is quite amazing. Hopefully this time, third time’s the charm and you can help me by voting for me:


What I’ve been noticing though is the huge amount of support from friends, fam and fans. Seeing how my art has grown from the first time I was a finalist to present day is real eye opener. As adults, we don’t get a succinct promotion like what we use to have at school but I do feel something similar when the residency selection period is happening. Perhaps it has to do with the review of work and actively seeking out new things?

I thank you, the voters who have been with me so far and for the potential ones reading this.

Stroopwafels and matcha lattes,

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