The elevator

Before..somewhere, he had seen her before. He recognized her walk-like smooth honey dripping down a cinnamon bun- she slid past him, brushing gently against him, to pass by. She moved onto another part of a sidewalk they both shared. The crowded city street sidewalk- where no one knows anyone- and if they do know someone, they still do not look at them. Everyone too busy to care…..except for him. He cared, as he watched her pass……her jeans hugging her curves- clinging tightly to the form of her thighs. Her beautifully shaped ass outlined so nicely…for anyone to see. And he did see. He liked the look. His loins stirred. So innocent a seduction..she was just walking. He? He was just lusting. She would never know…

If a man’s eyes could do the undressing, she would have been naked by now. He marveled at her movements…her waist swayed in time with her hips and ass. Her thighs were tight, her movements were wonderfully inviting. He quickened his stride…his blood follow closer..he must keep watching her, in those tight jeans. She swayed as she moved..slender like a willow branch. Closer, now…he could see the curve of her shoulders, and the hollow of her neck. Her hair shined in the sunlight…long, and inviting…he thought how nicely it would wrap around his hand, as he pulled her face towards his swollen cock…his cock was determining his every move now..all his thoughts were about how he must get closer…faster. He hurried his steps now, and managed to get incredibly close to her. Now he could see more..more of her….she was now his food. His eyes were feasting.

Now he needed..he saw her thin gauze shirt…and nothing but hard nipples sticking against the bra…no modesty. For him, it was now set…she would soon be his food…not just his eye candy.“I will fuck her slowly..but I will fuck her well..”..his mind raced now. He devoured her essence…now he was bold enough to brush quite hard, against her…hard enough for her to see he was there. She stopped, and turned to face whomever it was that had startled her. Her sharp glance let him know that she truly had fire inside of her…a fire he wished to kindle between her thighs very, very soon.

“Did you need something? Am I in your way, perhaps?”, she snapped at him. “Go ahead of me, if you must, then. I have not got all day, here”
“No” he said back to her firmly, “I am fine, right here, thanks”..his response became breathy..suddenly his loins were so hot, that he could barely speak.
“Well, then?” she had stopped cold now..and he could easily view her beautiful hard nipples..and every line of her figure, through the blouse.
“I recognize you…from somewhere”, he said slowly…he knew she could read the want in his eyes now. I was hoping you would come with me to get a light snack"

She stood before him now….and slowly looked him from head, to toe…and she could see it..the lust in him, for her…..slowly her tone softened. She was liking what she was seeing…..all of what she was seeing. No woman walks as she does, sways as she does, unless she is in need, herself…..and she knew his every need…because it was her every need, as well…..and she wanted.

“Where?” she smiled, enjoying his gaze. "Where shall we go for this “snack” you would like?"
“Any where that you wish to name it”..he looked deeply into her eyes now. In control of his desire…long enough to steer her into setting the limits…if there were to be any limits, at all.
She continued to study him….she could smell desire..his heat flared her nostrils…such heat!…..“Come with place is just up the street. I know I have all that we would need, right there. Everything.”

He stared at her ….her hardened nipples pushing against the thin gauze covering..enjoying while confirming her last statement in his mind….“You have everything for the snack we both need, already, huh? Absolutely EVERYTHING?”

“Yes.” She answered him, softly. “Yes.”
Again, their walk began…his lust and her wanting- together—they kept pace with the fast moving crowds around them..he just a few steps behind her..watching and forming his desires with her every taunting step….her jeans, he thought. They will soon be mine….

It seemed so soon…and so very if they flew to her destination…..she motioned him into a doorway….opened the locked gate..and entered into an elevater area….he still watching her sway from behind….. his cock burning hotter than before..knowing what she had to offer him, as his snack. she moved, and the jeans clung to her…he noticed what all men do…her pussy was forming a mound, in the front…a small, growing outline…her heat was as his was…all consumming..

“I need the elevater”, she motioned to him as she spoke…“My apartment is high up.”…she held the elevater door, and he followed. Once inside, she set a button…#9…and the doors closed behind them…with no other people to disturb their ride…..alone in their wanting.

She moved across to him…close enough to tease…while she studied his whole form…and she reached again for an elevater button….this time, the elevator stopped. “between” floors. She was now the one in the greatest need…she wanted, and would take.

“Funny thing”…she began. “This old elevator is made so that once this button is pressed…it will not move” “We will have our snack right here”…..
instinct told him that his desire would be completed….and he moved close to her now……touching her neck, and running his eager hands down the length, to his prize..her beautifully exposed nipples….her thin shirt served to arouse them further…she began to moan, and gasp, with pleasure……she was close..he knew.
He liked the thought..but not quite yet. “Let her want it even more”, he told himself. Pulling his hands from her nipples was torture…but beautiful torture.

“Now”……he said..“our snack”. He reached down the length of her sides, and curved his hands around her tightened ass…..cupping the cheeks like prizes, and pulling her firmly towards him……she leaned into him..sliding her hands slowly down to her desire…to caress his swollen cock through his jeans…it came perfectly upwards…just pushing its head out of the top of his jeans. the head was begging to be released. She slowly stroked it up, and down…he meanwhile still cupped her ass to him…holding his prize, and moaning while she continued this wonderful game..

His cock…it peaked out visibly now…so hard! And tiny droplets of semen were shiny…evidence of his desire..she liked this…and continued to stroke it…stroking him with his own juices. He was mad with desire…he forced her up against the cold metal wall…..

“How much time..snack left in here?” he uttered, while pulling her gauze shirt open….

All she could say was “enough”…she was moaning …enough….She opened his jeans, sliding her hands down to his shaft…his cock was her desire now.

Her touching, and stroking made him moan loudly..and she was encouraged to become the slut she wanted him to have…the slut he wanted her to become…….

bending down, she licked the head of his cock…at the same time rubbing her own ass against the cold metal wall he had forced her against…as if she had enjoyed this sensation previously….without ever having him there..

“it will be good” he thought to himself, looking down on her mouth circling his manhood…“she likes cock….it will be very, very good”

Now he removes her shirt…eye candy and cock candy…he grabs her waist while she writhes against the wall…and sucks him wantingly. in his mind he knows the jeans must come off……but he selfishly enjoys watching her writhing…and sucking him so willingly. He is in no hurry to lose her beautiful mouth from around his hard cock..

A forever snack is his wish…“How long must you rub that wet cunt against that wall…your cunt must be dripping…hot and moist, by now?”

She continues licking and writhing…ignoring his comments…he pulls her nipples..twirling them in his fingers…she is moaning now, between sucking. He lifts her head reluctantly from the head of his cock…she loves it so!! Raising her to stand against the wall..he completes his goal of removing the jeans…stripping them down her legs…..wonderfully long legs! Now he is ready to burst…he watches her swollen pussy growing before his eyes…

" I MUST Fuck you now"…he stammers, and draws her waist again to his body. “We must do this..fuck. You need my cock in your pussy..i know you need it…you want to fuck me”

He penetrates her so easily—she wraps herself tightly around him, squeezing her muscles around him…pulling him further..into her wetness Continuing to move her hips, and squeeze..she brings them both to the cold floor of the elevator…into a deep penetrating frenzy…slipping and sliding…she wraps her legs tightly around him….and the truth…the fucking, has been revealed…….he pounds her beauty into the floor..and she pulls him in further..raising her willing pussy to meet his every thrust…like animals in constant heat…no loving fuck…just loving the fucking….a hot, wet fuck……

The elevator


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