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“About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won’t like you at all. "
-Rita Mae Brown

Ahh… Yes, this is true folks, this is true. It is often that we try to lie to ouselves and tell ouselves that we are more than we really are, or even less then we really are. we go around trying to convince ourselves that we MUST do something that there is this higher purpose in our lives. Well soooory people, but your human, and no matter how much you TRY to fake that your a super hero, that you have this higher purpose in life, Im sorry, but if you do, beleive me, you’ll see the chance for it and use it. and no, please don’t assume that this means that you shouldn’t try to reach higher, you really should. However, havn’t you ever noticed that in all of those fiction books the onewho jumps at an adventure is always the one that ends up screwing the rest of the People up, or even getting killed. You are who you are, and yes, you may be a person meant to ba a hero, a savious, or no, you may be meant to be that normal person working as a cahier in a book store. who knows-you are who you are and you should live your life thinking that. By soing that you will truly live your life to the fullest. PLEASE don’t try to change who you are because someone, anyone, even yourself, for goodness sakes, thinks that you should. I mean SERIOUSLY do you HONESTLY think that you’ll be HAPPY that way, cause I know one thing. I’ve seen people who’ve tries, and I swear that they are the most pittiful creatures I’ve ever seen.Live your lives to the fullest guys. But please live it being who you really are. Thats the most we can do, and thats the BEST that we’ll ever so. there are other people out there, and I’m sure that GOD made us to where there are people who can do things that you can’t. Thats what makes the world the interesting place it is. You have to see the beauty in the way you ARE guys, you have to see the true you and be happy with it. PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU, do that. Just that for me PLEASE, PLEASe, just do that. After all, if anyone did that then the world will be perfect. Make decisoins on whats right, guys. But what YOU think is right what your intuition SAYS is right, Be yourself, and you can know that that is the best you can do for this world. Better it, but better it being you. Please?

Thanks for reading, and tune in next week-and sorry for the rant, to be honest I’m not really sure that I ended on the same subject that the quote was on >> << >>

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