Man Hands

there’s so much space

Dry Storage

the asphalt ocean

2nd Shirt

does anyone hear me out there?

Work Shirt

leaking out in seasons


clouds flash forward over the slow stopping city

The Last Of June: George Washington Absentee

turn off the aquarium

Dopeless Romantic

god’s in the phone book, look her up

(The Last Poem Before I Die)

i’ll remember you

Wax Leviathan

yeah but i got the poem still / i have my poem

Driver’s Ed.

where water meets concrete

1. Lover For Hire – 2. Doll House

no one saw the kids growing up

Second Language

i walk throughout the hours of the evening alone

Smoke Break – Cold Coffee

getting warmer and i remember… i can recall

Bottle Of Words

the punctuations just float around

Best Dressed (My Good Clothes)

could you see yourself in this?

Limited Time Offer

it’s been said

Reset: (Drama Rehearsal)

as seen in active dreams

Lemons For Breakfast

and with so much to pen down

Active Dreams

set at the same sea

The Kid Stays

as seen under the light

Synthesize This!

(.rehtorb s’rehtaf sih rof decnad ehs&)

No Re-Entry

it’d be nice to could keep in touch

Upside Down Exit Sign (Valentine’s Day Spec…

i like to try to picture her at work


i’m back in the hospital, back in the doctor’s office


i’ve told everyone about her

Divorce Advice

no friends when you’re lost in space

Kept From The Cold

the following romantics are currently unavailable


my friends invited me to tag along at the last minute, i was unprepared


no hours, less sleep. this could be fun, i can’t wait to not paint.

Scientific Ocean (King Of Cloth)

“gazing at / emerging from”

Pure White (Underwater Hallway)

it was there, in the combined palms of my hands. and before i could begin to understand, it was gone

Assembly Line

there you appear in all different colors

Underwater Bedroom

the kind of green tint you’ve seen in classic cartoons follows me everywhere


the cough frightens me differently now

Stage Select

your pick; be it by boat, airplane, or monorail

Longest Yawn

trying to room with the truth

Heaven & Co.

to all the sweethearts out there

White Christmas

writing white christmas in all black clothes

Young&Duo At Heart

“i’m just trying to keep up”

Work Desk (The Universe In A Nutshell)

we don’t design the choices, we just build them

Empty Mailbox (The Cold Box)

what you haven’t seen, what a sob story

Reoccurring Disappearing Acts / Under-Qualified S…

not so much of a read anymore

Different Girl

locked in this thick transparent cube built of plastic

Darkroom (Smoking Section)

what a waste of film, what a waste of time

Practice Run

these memories are my future

Career Day

you’ve got to believe me

Poison 9

how beautiful could they be? monsters in love

Character Select

33, 24, 322, 374

The Blue Jewel

i can’t afford an aura

Licorice Root (Revisited)

making major differences on slightly different planes of existence

Difficulty Level

staring off in other directions

New Guy Friday

who’s the new kid

The Other Slap: Another Side Of Life

she was the first bullet i ever kissed

Suit Coat

the clouds are out tonight, the stars are out tonight

The Valve Handle

ice hot lava

Glass Heart Half Full

and to this day, i’ve yet to hear her side of the story.

The Other Side Of The Glass Door

it’s not quite as i recall

Pedestrian Eyes: (Little Black Book)

at the speed of already been seen

The Skeleton Crew: (Non-Related)

often a moth will brush against me, thinking i’m the light

Unanswered Windows

i can’t necessarily escape the entertainment industry, either.

Dreamscape Fortune Teller

keeping myself well hidden from what i might remember

All My Friends Paint Faces, And I Only Write Words

at last, i’m the president of the united states

Reverse Drafts Box

got milk? got jesus? got any drugs?

Coal Tone – Reset Woman

the creature, the fish, the bird, the return

Yesterday Will Be Good, Tomorrow Was Great

breathing exercises and management

Hiding From My Face In The Mirror

today i learned that people still worship the sun

Run It Through The Garden

fruit by the foot’s the kind of candy to have in heaven

Dr. Then Renounces Professionalism

cotton dark nerve damage

My Little Town

i went out for a smoke

Cold Turkey

between bread with no sauce

History Eraser

these clothes were manufactured to fit around me

Hand Trap – Soft Cookie

i can hardly appreciate the sky everyday as i should

Bird With A Cage In It’s Skull

written behind white shirts and bruises

Future Wife

let the songs swing from those streetlights

Liquid Candy Corn

4 chips ahoy! and styrofoam coca-cola sugar high

Good Morning’s Sleep

for sale: wide eyed open-mouthed whale

Another London

where city lights are the night’s sun

White American Driveway

on a morning in the neighborhood

Hallucinogenic Soundtrack

with things going on in the world

Helium Balloons In The Sunset

or candles kept lit in huntington apartments
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