Squeezing onto the couch.

Yay for the Mawson clan! We was on the couch today.

A: The Mawson Clan
Matt Mawson (mmawson), Naomi Mawson (nomes) and Jeremy Mawson (seine)
Q. RedBubble

The Mawsons surged onto RedBubble with familial force and are constantly supporting and promoting each other’s work. It was a bit of a squeeze on the couch this week as we tried to get our words in. The Mawsons are good at getting their voices heard on RedBubble – and growing up in a family of 8 this isn’t surprising! Matt (eldest), Naomi (next in line), [then two girls and three boys in between], followed by Jeremy (youngest) each have unique talents and distinctive styles to their work.

Q. Are your parents creative? Did you have an especially creative upbringing?

Naomi: We didn’t have a creative upbringing but our parents always supported us in whatever we wanted to do – no matter how silly!

Q. Nature or nurture? Do you think people are born creative or does their upbringing inspire it?

Jeremy: I think everyone is naturally creative. Creativity is a fundamental force. It’s our nurturing that will determine whether creativity will be expressed.

Matt: Creativity is part of being human, but we each pursue our creativity in different ways. The Mawson siblings have a wide variety of interests (mechanic, boat builder, furniture restorer, photographers, computer programmer). It helps to have parents who encourage individuality.

Q. Which of your own pieces of work is your favourite on RedBubble – tell us a story about it.

Naomi: My Favourite piece at the moment is “Forgiveness” in the Ophelia’s Garden series. This series is about letting go of feelings or resentment, and anger in order to find Freedom and Harmony. http://www.redbubble.com/works/show/10325

Matt: I’m quite fond of “Three Kings”. It’s a section of farm machinery which had a modern cartoony look about it. I resisted calling it Three Bart Simpsons. http://www.redbubble.com/works/show/6162

Jeremy: In the middle of a well-trodden path was this astounding flower. The description on my image “Breach” reflects my frustration at wanting to make a difference while working in a big, conventional corporation. http://www.redbubble.com/works/show/6162

Q. Who and what inspires you?

Matt: I’m a photography book and magazine (and RedBubble) junkie. I see inspiring photographs every day, too many to pick out any one photographer as a favourite.

Naomi: Ever since I was a child I have always been in awe of Matt’s creative abilities and I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing if it wasn’t for him. And music – always music! My family, my children and my fellow bubblers of course.

Jeremy: My wife inspires me. I have a strong desire to make her smile and, or laugh with everything I do. I seem to spend my entire days singing made-up songs for her.

Q. What is the best thing about having so many relatives on RedBubble?

Jeremy: I love seeing their work on the front page and reading the great comments they get. It gives me a strong sense of family pride.

Naomi: It’s great that it helps keep us in touch with each other (especially Jeremy who lives in Melbourne) and it’s great to read the comments on their work – it makes me feel proud.

Matt: None of us live close to each other, so Red Bubble is a great way to keep up with each other’s latest creations.

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