Help with PNG settings please. :(


I keep trying to upload an image for a t-shirt. I’m creating the image in GIMP. It’s the correct resolution, size and format. The image appears OK if I use it in a program like Firefox.

However, when I upload it to RB it gains a scraggly looking black border. I’m not sure why this happens!

There are some options I can choose from when saving as PNG. I wonder if its any of these …

Interlacing (Adam 7) – off by default
Save background colour – on by default
Save gamma – off
Save layer offset – off
Save resolution – on
Save creation time – on
Save comment – on
Save colour values from transparent pixels – off
Compression level (defaults to max compression).

I change the compression level down to the second lowest so that the file is nice and big (lowest level makes a 65 Meg file so I don’t do that!).

Can anyone decipher these settings and let me know what might be causing the issue?

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