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“Ria is a self taught artist with a remarkable eccentric realist style influenced by her medical training. Expressing her love of fantasy and tales of the imagination, her paintings appear as scenes from yet to be written legends. In The Nocturnal Ones she places herself in a strangely familiar night forest surrounded by Tasmanian animals. In White Leather & Chrome her exquisitely rendered male nude has giant wings folded behind him as he sits in reverie.

She works in a wide variety of mediums, from traditional oil paint to pencil, marker pen and ink. Ria’s draftsmanship is wonderful, demonstrating a commitment to life drawing as practice for the figure.

Ria is one of many contemporary online artists who form a community that encourage and mentor each other, sharing experiences and themes. Their techniques are informed by book and graphic novel illustration, by graffiti and PreRaphaelism."
Betty Nolan, Hobart Tasmania

Nolan Art

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  • Joined: October 2009


A Year Passes..

..and quickly! / The last entry (this time last year) was when I won the big prize at the Hobart Show, and as a result, I’m the feature artist this year, with two panels all to myself, & an opportunity to have an artists’ statement explaining my strange works! / In the year that just passed a lot of things changed. Just before Christmas, my younger sister died in a car accident &a…
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The Road to Fame & Fortune..

..Is more of a little winding dirt track, full of rocks & holes to trip the unwary. But if you take your time & treat it as a rejuventating stroll, you notice it goes through a lush & picturesque landscape, full of inspiring scenes & occasional new friends & guides! I’m all inspired & excited! / It’s been a while coming for me, but I feel I’ve found the p…
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Art Prices & Guilt Trips!

Pricing art is so hard! / I use how many hours it took to create a piece (not counting research time) as a guide, and sort of figure out a rough hourly rate. I’ve never factored in the cost of canvas, brushes, varnish or paint, only framing (mine are usually framed), so i think my buyers & the gallery owner are getting a pretty good deal! In fact I end up making less per hour than a 15y…
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Xmas Present!

finally finished all the shopping, wrapping, & most of the pre xmas parties & cooking, & decided it was time i gave myself a present. something i’ve been thinking about for a while now: an Art by Ria Gilham facebook page! / i have 52 likes in half a day, which i’m thrilled about, since i can only invite people i know so far! / so please, if you’re reading this come and have a look! …
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