Hi Everyone and sorry I haven't been around too much

I am so sorry for not responding again to the beautiful photos that I look at quickly but I am so swamped. Not only do I have my daughter getting married in June and a son graduating in May but I am finishing my Masters in Counseling. As of now I am writing a 20 page proposal on what kind of group I would like to lead. That has me perplexed since I don’t want to lead a group! haha. I also have to attend a group meeting, at least 6 or them and write a paper on that one. Then after that my last two classes start and I will be over except for my internship. I just wanted you all to know that I love you all and I am not ignoring anyone on purpose but right now I can’t get out to take any photos. I do promise to get better when things slow down for me. Please don’t delete me as a friend since I have been remise to leave comments. I promise to get better but never perfect. I am so far behind in comments that I will never catch up so I ask for your forgiveness and patience as I go through this stage in my life. I am never going to give up photography but do more of it after I finish this part of my life! Should have done this when I was younger but when it’s all over I will be smart! haha. NOT.
Love to all,

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