Thank you so much everyone and we are also having a hurricane. It's been a month!!`

I want to thank whoever bought two cards from me. I appreciate your generosity and I do hope you enjoy them. On another note I do want to express my fondest gratitude to all of you that have sent me bubblemails and wonderful notes to cheer me up after my Mom’s passing. Your friendships have been and remain such a treasure to me that I cannot even express in words. It’s been a tough month and my dear Dad is still having such a hard time. Right after my Mom’s funeral our Uncle passed away and now we have a hurricane coming to the Texas Gulf Coast and coming aimed right at us! When will it end?
Anyway, thank you again for your kindness and I could not make it without you all. I promise to catch up with comments as soon as I can. I am helping my Dad but I have managed to take some photos. I don’t know if or when I will lose power but I wish you all the love that you have shown me.
God bless and peace,

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