I just need someone I can CONNECT with.

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Hoping to make a connection in a world utterly saturated with all-that-glitters seems a desperately futile task. Our attention span is becoming increasingly narrow, and the sheer amount of awesome required to truly impress people is, quite frankly, ridiculous. I pretty much entirely blame that stupid cinnamon challenge fad, but it’s a debate for another place and time. All I know is that finding someone wonderful to truly connect with is not impossible.

…Oh, a really great way to tell someone they’re super wonderful is to put them in this t-shirt. I highly recommend taking a laundry marker and writing a love-note to them on the back, then wrap it up in cellophane & send it in a box filled with those brightly coloured rubber bouncy balls kids get in vending machines. I bet that will get their attention (it worked for Sony). If that seems too much (but really – consider it – it’s inspired!) – you could send them a card or cover their fish tank with stickers.

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