The "Shutter Bug Taste"!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
La Grande, Oregon

Today I went outside and walked over to a very large cemetery that is located across the street from my apartment. It was about 2:00 pm in the afternoon and it was partly sunny and partly overcast with a mixture of white and dark clouds in the skies above me. I had my Kodak Z700 digital camera with me.

I used my camera to carefully snap 15 creative pictures of the trees and the gravestone markers in the cemetery at different low angles close to the ground with the clouds as the backdrop for my pictures. Some of my pictures turned out beautiful with the dark and white clouds in the background and a mixture of dark shadows and light in the foreground.

After taking my 15 digital pictures, I stood up and looked around at the large 5,000 foot wooded hills that surrounded La Grande only two miles away. I then started wondering what kind of digital images I could capture if I walked right up into those hills and started taking pictures of the trees with the white and dark clouds in the background.

At that moment, I experienced this very intense “shutter bug taste” sensation inside my mouth. I could literally taste the possible photographs that were waiting to be captured in the hills of La Grande with my digital camera. Once I have this really intense “shutter bug” taste on the tip of my tongue, I can’t be stopped as a digital photographer. I have to go forward and seek out where I am going to take my next pictures. I have to satisfy my growing parch and thirst for taking beautiful outdoor nature photographs.

The “shutter bug taste” is something you either have or you don’t have as a digital photographer. If you don’t have the intense “shutter bug taste” always on the tip of your tongue when looking for your next photo opportunity, then you don’t have the real deep core driven desire to follow your instincts to take excellent photographs as a digital photographer. Without the “shutter bug taste” in your mouth, you are only taking pictures for either money, or for popularity, or as a personal hobby.

Tomorrow morning I am going to follow the “shutter bug taste” in my mouth and charge straight up into the hills of La Grande with my Kodak digital camera. I am going to take 200 outdoor nature digital photographs and then return home to edit them on my laptop computer.

I am going to quench my parch throat by answering the “shuttle bug taste” that is now continually tingling on the very tip of my tongue like an annoying numbing sensation. I will write more about my photography trip into the hills of La Grande, Oregon tomorrow. Please wish me luck!


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