Give the Kids a camera.....

Photography fever seems to be taking over our home.
As many of you know I bought a new camera a few weeks ago [Canon 1000D], & I am extremely happy with it’s results.
But I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon creeping into our home…. suddenly everyone want to take photographs. With the introduction of the Canon into our family, my Husband immediately claimed my Olympus as his, making grand plans of taking it to work, & shooting all the fun & exciting things that he does there. [??]
So what becomes of his little Canon Powershot A530? My children of course!
Jack is only 4 years old, but has become quite the avid shutterbug. Suddenly he wants to take that camera everywhere he goes & thinks that everything is worthy of his shooting skills.
Does he take technically good shots? No.
Does he have an understanding of DOF, the Rule of 3, POV, framing & composition… focus even? No.
Is he seeing the world in a new light? Is he stopping to look at things that he previously would have walked right by? YES!
Is he proud of his achievements when he looks at a photo that he has shot? YES.
Will he be “out of his skin” with excitement when he sees that Mummy has put one of his photos on the internet alongside her photos? Absolutely!

I’m so pleased & so proud to see both my children getting excited about taking photos. Not because they want to be like Mummy, but because it brings them such joy & puts such smiles on their beautiful faces.

Who cares if the PowerShot gets broken….. it will have been worth it…

Jack loves to spot the Holden Lion on all the cars when we’re out, so it was only natural that he’d shoot it…..

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