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  • 52% ringspun cotton and 48% polyester
  • Contrast raglan sleeve and neck trim
  • Slim fit, but if that's not your thing, order a size up
  • Ethically sourced
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First Observation of Omega-Minus Particle
Designed by ScienceSource
First observation of omega-minus particle. In this historic photograph from the 80-inch (200cm) bubble chamber at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, a negative kaon enters at bottom left and collides with a proton in the chamber's hydrogen to produce 3 particles, including the omega-minus, which consists of three strange quarks. The omega travels a short distance before decaying into a negative pion, which veers to the right across the bottom part of the picture, and a neutral xi particle which leaves no track. Discovery of the omega in 1964 confirmed Murray Gell-Mann and Yuval Ne'eman's classification of subatomic particles, the "Eightfold Way." (c) Science Source
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First Observation of Omega-Minus Particle by ScienceSource