I like my old stuff better than my new stuff.

I’ve got a dilemma. I have been using medium format bricks for the past few years, and I like em lots. However over the years I have noticed DSLRs slowly get better and better, and been seduced by the smooth looking tones, the high ISO powers, and above all the ease of it all. So, after saving up for ages, I have just bought a fancy new digital camera. I call it my space camera. I like it alot, I lust after buying it new lenses to see, new battery grips to give it more stamina, and giant amounts of memory for its brain. I think I am slowly getting used to how much more complicated photography is with such a huge number of buttons and choices. However, I can’t seem to damn well take any really good photos with it.

Last weekend I kind of gave up, and went out armed with the old 1-2 combination: Holga + Mamiya C330, and everything was back to normal. It was like the feeling you get after you glasses or something, I could see again!

Why is this????

Does anyone know?


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