experimenting with new black t-shirts

I love the new black t-shirt printing options. I’ve made a few t-shirts in the past using screenprints, and even using inkjet iron-on transfer things, but being a dark and tortured soul, I like my t-shirts black, and my prints, therefore, white.

This has always been a problem with t-shirts – I guess it’s hard to get ink with enough white goop in it to not let the black show through.

So, it’s great the RB is now printing white onto black.

However, another thing I like is big inky blocks on my t-shirts. So what I’ve done in my two shirts uploaded so far is to put them on a BLACK background, rather than the suggested transparent background. I’m hoping that this will end up being a big black block of ink on the shirt, with white printing overlayed.

So the two shirts there at the moment are a bit of an experiment. I’m not sure how they will work out, and in the future I might change the template so the background is transparent instead of black.

So, sorry to whoever ordered one if it turns out to be a bad idea! :)

But thanks for ordering one anyway!

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