Limiting print numbers, and a request for advice.

So, we are having this exhibition next Friday, and our printing is being done through RB. We picked up the prints that are going to hang in the gallery yesterday afternoon, and they look FABULOUS! First time I’ve seen a large framed print from RB, and they’re good! Very good. The frames look great, the mat is cut perfectly, the polycarbonate (or whatever kind of plastic it is) on the front is very nice (this is something I was a bit worried about, but not any more), and they even have a wire and hooks on the back, and felt pads to protect your walls. All very nice. We picked up 24 of these buggers, and they completely filled up the back of the car, scary stuff!…

(as an aside, the preview for “off-white” mat when you go to buy a print is a horrible Baileys-like creamy-beige, whereas i

EXHIBITION! - Kerala Gallery Northcote 26th October

I’m a member of a group of 12 Redbubblers called the Silverminers. So-called, because we are mad on film photography and the smell of silver halides in the morning.

Over the last few months we’ve been slowly putting together a show, and it’s coming up soon.

It’s being held at Kerala gallery, 283 High St Northcote.

The opening is on the 26th of October, at 6PM.

A number of shots are up at the silverminers redbubble account:

These aren’t quite the images that will be in the show however, we’re keeping those under wraps until the show opens on the 26th.

Anyway come along, and buy stuff! Our prints are going to be printed and on sale through RedBubble!

results of black t-shirt experiment

Well, my two black t-shirts arrived, and despite there being huge blocks of pure white on black, they look totally fine!

The <a href="">What’s Inside</a> one worked out really well, as it doesn’t have such large areas of white, but even the <a href="">Stripe</a> one worked out well I think.

The upshot of it all seems to be that it’s not as bad as you might think to use designs with big blocks of white on black.

experimenting with new black t-shirts

I love the new black t-shirt printing options. I’ve made a few t-shirts in the past using screenprints, and even using inkjet iron-on transfer things, but being a dark and tortured soul, I like my t-shirts black, and my prints, therefore, white.…

This has always been a problem with t-shirts – I guess it’s hard to get ink with enough white goop in it to not let the black show through.

So, it’s great the RB is now printing white onto black.

However, another thing I like is big inky blocks on my t-shirts. So what I’ve done in my two shirts uploaded so far is to put them on a BLACK background, rather than the suggested transparent background. I’m hoping that this will end up being a big black block of ink on the shirt, with white printing overlayed.

So the two shirts there at the moment are

I like my old stuff better than my new stuff.

I’ve got a dilemma. I have been using medium format bricks for the past few years, and I like em lots. However over the years I have noticed DSLRs slowly get better and better, and been seduced by the smooth looking tones, the high ISO powers, and above all the ease of it all. So, after saving up for ages, I have just bought a fancy new digital camera. I call it my space camera. I like it alot, I lust after buying it new lenses to see, new battery grips to give it more stamina, and giant amounts of memory for its brain. I think I am slowly getting used to how much more complicated photography is with such a huge number of buttons and choices. However, I can’t seem to damn well take any really good photos with it.…

Last weekend I kind of gave up, and went out armed with the old 1-2 co

Lightleaks exhibition - Northcote this Thursday

I guess this is using my journal space for evil purposes, but myself and a few others I’ve noticed on Redbubble are in a show called LIGHTLEAKS that opens this Thursday night.

There are 12 photographers, all shooting plastic toy cameras – Holgas, Dianas etc, and is at Kerala Gallery in Northcote – come down!

Kerala Gallery
283 High Street

6:30 pm, Thursday 22nd Feb.

Exhibition is open until the 8th of March.

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