Hornsby, Australia

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A new haiku

Passing Wahroonga Station.

I live at Hornsby NSW Sydney.

There’s a locla tradition on some rail lines depending on the staff and locale of having gardens at some stations.

Autumn’s last flowers

In the shadow of the Great Pines

The splendour of roses.

Its still quite warm so the roses havnt been damaged by frost yet possibly cos they’re sheltered from both the western sun and southerly changes by the massive pines.

I wish I could show you a photo but I dont have a telephoto lens and cant do a close up but there will be other photos going online soon.

I found some wonderful birds of paradise planted in a public area thats near a security camera so they actually havnt been stolen!

more stuff coming soon

folks another reason for the delay is problems I’ve had with interference to my broadband signal but hopefully i’ll catch up soon!

bye for now


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